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Sweetest Pup Struggled To Find A Home After Being Surrendered To The Shelter 3 Times

Sweetest Pup Struggled To Find A Home After Being Surrendered To The Shelter 3 Times

One of the particularly challenging aspects of working at a shelter is making sure that every dog is welcomed and accepted in its new home.

However, it’s not always simple. A lot of the time, the staff has to deal with the heartbreak of having a dog return because the owners do not like their dogs.

In Zion’s case, he was a very lovable dog who loved spending time with people, but he was surrendered back to the shelter three times, which made him very depressed.

The shelter staff was baffled by this, but they also realized that they would have to do something to help him.

Heartbreaking News

Zion had only spent a year in his new home before his owners gave him back to the shelter in Florida. They don’t know why he is going through this.

He was the perfect dog. Every time he was around other people, he behaved very friendly, and he also loved playing with other dogs.

When the shelter staff accepted him again, they knew that this would affect him greatly and that it was going to be a while before he recovered.

Broward County Humane Society had decided to post a video about his current situation and hopefully find someone sympathetic and willing to help him out.

In the description, they wrote: “He was just being a dog! This gorgeous 1-year-old pup is Zion, and sadly, he has been given up 3 times now all because his humans did not understand him

They also said he was great to have because his breed was really intelligent, and they also really liked to play.

A Hopeful Future For Zion

Zion is very devoted to his family and doesn’t like being alone without them. That’s primarily the reason his owners abandoned him.

When they left him, he would often bark, cry, and break things. This annoyed his owners, so they decided to surrender him.

The Broward County Humane Society continued by saying: “Zion has been let down, and now, through no fault of his own, he is back at our shelter hoping for yet another chance to be the incredible dog that he is!

He is an amazing and lovable dog who just wants to spend his time with people who matter to him. 

Zion loves exploring new places and playing with his owners and other dogs. One of his favorite activities is going on car rides, which he enjoys immensely.

He would do well in a family with another dog, as he would have somebody to spend time with and wouldn’t be destructive anymore.

The Humane Society is looking for someone who will understand and respect him, because he is worth it.

While we don’t know if he has found the perfect family yet, it’s important to know that staff from the Florida shelter are doing the best they can to make sure Zion is happy and taken care of.