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Pup Who Spent 15 Years In A Cage Couldn’t Stop Smiling After Finding Out What A Hug Feels Like

Pup Who Spent 15 Years In A Cage Couldn’t Stop Smiling After Finding Out What A Hug Feels Like

It’s impossible not to feel deeply saddened whenever we hear stories about dogs who endured cruelty.

Although they deserve all the love in the world, sadly, many canines end up mistreated and deprived of their right to be happy and loved.

Today’s story is about Bruno – a sad senior pup who lacked love his whole love after his merciless owners kept him in a cage for fifteen years.

The canine lived in the dark, and he couldn’t see how beautiful the world was. 

Bruno’s heartless owners denied him the simplest joys of life, like running freely in nature and feeling sunlight on his face.

Since Bruno was never shown compassion and love, he became a sorrowful and hopeless pup.

A Good Human Steps In

When a volunteer at the PAWSsion Project – a non-profit organization, heard that there was a senior dog who spent his lifetime inside a cage, she rushed to his aid.

Her heart broke after she met the canine for the first time and saw the rusty cage that was his whole world for so long. 

The senior pup’s eyes were filled with sadness.

The kind human fed the dog, later named Bruno, and tried to gain his trust. She gave him love and showered him with positive and encouraging words.

The rescuers at PAWSsion Project took him under their care and drove him to the vet. The good humans were determined to give Bruno a new chance at life.

When they arrived at the vet clinic, Bruno still didn’t understand what was going on.

Once his heroes let him out of the crate, the pooch started barking. He was trying to defend himself. 

Bruno needed time to comprehend that humans can be kind.

Learning To Trust People Again

His heroes were very patient with Bruno and they talked to him in a gentle voice. Soon, the pup calmed down. He realized that his rescuers only wanted to help him.

A rescue volunteer took Bruno in her arms, placed him on her lap, and wrapped her arms around the canine. 

The moment the volunteer hugged the dog, the sadness disappeared from his eyes, and Bruno smiled. Nobody had ever hugged him before. 

For the first time in his life, Bruno felt safe and worthy of love.

Bruno sensed that he could trust his rescuers. The pup kept smiling as if he wanted to thank them for rescuing him and for being by his side.

His friends rejoiced at seeing his face lite up with happiness. 

The Beginning Of A New Life 

Malou Perez, the founder of PAWSsion Project, drove him to a shelter. During their car ride, Bruno kept looking out of a window and admiring the world around him.

“He was just looking at the window for a long time, like he was amazed with everything he was seeing. I stopped to give him a toy, and he eventually fell asleep … I was so, so emotional then, thinking [about] how he had to endure years and years of being isolated and not feel[ing] loved,” Perez told The Dodo.

Perez took Bruno on his first walk in the woods with the other shelter dogs. The other canines sniffed Bruno and greeted him.

At first, the doggo felt insecure about moving forward, and Perez gave him the time that he needed. She knew that everything was new for him.

Before he began his walk, Bruno decided to take a moment to stare at nature and soak up all the beauty around him with a big smile on his face.

These days, the delightful doggo relishes going hiking along the wooded trails. 

Bruno already found his forever parents who can’t wait to have him in their arms to shower him with boundless love.

We feel endlessly grateful to Bruno’s friends for rescuing him and for giving him a new chance at life.