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This Traumatized Pup Spent Her Days Staring Into A Corner Until She Met Someone Special

This Traumatized Pup Spent Her Days Staring Into A Corner Until She Met Someone Special

It is not unknown that dogs are creatures that tend to bond deeply with their owners. We are all social beings who need to exchange emotions and love for a happy life.

However, with dogs, it’s all on a higher level. For them, the whole world revolves around their best human friend. If given immense love, they can flourish. 

Unfortunately, if they are betrayed or abandoned, it can leave deep wounds in their heart that sometimes take months or even years to heal.

She Couldn’t Stop Shaking

This redbone hound mix puppy came into the Harris County Animal Shelter, in Houston, Texas, severely scared and traumatized. 

They assumed that this orphan dog, who was later named Annie, was so neglected and abused that she entirely lost trust in people. 

And, that was very clear from all of her reactions, considering that she wouldn’t even let anybody get near her without a negative response. 

She was just lying in one corner and looking sadly towards the wall, shaking so hard as if she had just survived some serious accident. 

Maybe it doesn’t look like it from our point of view, but a dog’s whole world collapses if it is betrayed by its favorite person. That could clearly be seen on poor Annie.

One of the shelter volunteers who often used to shoot videos of dogs at the end of the day couldn’t help but record this scene.

Everyone present was deeply moved by this, and by filming the scene, she felt that it would evoke emotions from other people and that someone would feel sorry for Annie’s fate.

She had a good feeling that better days were ahead of this poor dog. 

Now, She Is Furever Loved

A man named Nick Mirgeaux, who lived in Houston, couldn’t stay immune to the suffering of the poor dog when he saw the video. 

While the people from the shelter were hoping that someone would at least take Annie into foster care, this great man aimed right at the target – he immediately adopted Annie.

When she arrived at her new home, he and his family, as well as his two dogs, welcomed her with open arms.

However, in the beginning, everything did not go so smoothly because she was still very frightened and did not want to get close to anyone.

Since Nick knew what she had been through, he didn’t want to pressure her, but instead, gave her enough space and time to recover. And then, suddenly – boom.

After about 6 months, she got used to her new environment and regained her trust in people. Annie became one of the sweetest and most cheerful dogs.

Her energy was incredible, and it was as if she was making up for all the time she spent locked up in the shelter. She adored her family and loved spending time with her new best canine friend, Ralphie.

Like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, Annie went from a scared, shaking puppy to a happy, playful dog for whom only the sky was the limit.

Annie was finally free.