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Lost Pup Who Tirelessly Searched The Airport For His Family Melts In His Mom’s Arms After Their Reunion

Lost Pup Who Tirelessly Searched The Airport For His Family Melts In His Mom’s Arms After Their Reunion

As soon as a rescue team based in Austin, Texas, received information from a concerned driver informing them about two puppies in sweaters playing in the middle of a busy highway close to the city’s airport, they dropped everything they were doing and made their way to the location.

Unfortunately, when the Austin rescuers arrived, there was no sign of the puppies.

They thoroughly searched the area, but they simply couldn’t find them. Luckily, the airport staff gave them permission to search the airport’s premises, allowing them to cover more ground.

Search And Rescue

gps map
Source: @thetraprs

The rescue team from the Trapping, Rescue and Pet Recovery Service (TRAPRS) combed the entire area but they were still unable to find any trace of the pups.

However, they were able to gain more information about them from the airport staff, which helped them in their search.

“[We] learned that one of the dogs had been seen around the area for days. He had even dug a hole [under] a fence that put him in [a] dangerous area near the tarmac!” TRAPRS wrote on an Instagram post.

hole under fence
Source: @thetraprs

Learning this information, the team had to enhance their search efforts to the point where they even put up game cameras around the airport, hoping to see the pups.

Not long after, one of the cameras caught a skinny and skittish white dog. Even though the pup had no sweater on and was completely alone, the rescue team knew that he was the one they were looking for.

dog in a cage with big fences
Source: @thetraprs

They then decided to go through all the missing dog flyers they had to see if any one of them matched his description.

They found a pup named Max, who looked identical to the one they captured on the camera. Not wanting to give his family a false alarm, they came up with a plan.

“We decided that we would capture the dog and then microchip scan [him] before giving anyone false hope,” TRAPRS wrote.

missing poster
Source: @thetraprs

Mission Successful

Luckily, it didn’t take them too long to capture him. As soon as they had him in their care, they scanned his microchip, hoping they would receive the information they wanted to see. And they did!

“It was confirmed by microchip that it was Max!” they added excitedly.

adorable dog in a cage
Source: @thetraprs

They immediately contacted Max’s mom but decided not to tell her who they found. They made their way over to her workplace in order to give her the sweetest surprise ever!

The woman walked outside and when she spotted the pup in the car, she thought that there was no way that that was her Max. However, when she called his name and saw his reaction, a weight was lifted from her heart.

This proud dog mom was overjoyed to be finally reunited with her baby.

Max’s mom was so happy to have him back in her warm embrace. She couldn’t thank the rescuers enough for reuniting her with her sweet boy and took the opportunity to explain how he ended up being lost in the first place.

“He had gone missing just after Christmas, and her family had been searching everywhere! There wasn’t a dry eye for miles,” TRAPRS wrote.

woman holding white adorable dog
Source: @thetraprs

The rescuers wished Max and his mom all the luck in the world as they departed from them.

However, their job was not done as they did not find the other pup that was seen hanging out with Max.

As they were getting ready to get out on the field again, they received the most incredible news.

While they were returning Max to his mom, a Good Samaritan managed to spot the other pup, capture him, and reunite him with his family, who was as ecstatic to have him back as Max’s mom was.

Final Word

A rescuer’s job is never done. After closing the case of these sweater pups, they immediately got to work on rescuing all of the other pups who were waiting for kind souls to offer them a helping hand.

Even though this is no easy work, seeing a pup be reunited with their family or even become a part of a new one will always be the best motivation ever.Not all heroes wear capes – some of them have treats in their pockets and a sweet spot for adorable animals.