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Sweet Pup Saved From A Trash Compactor Now Lives An Amazing Life Thanks To Her Rescuers

Sweet Pup Saved From A Trash Compactor Now Lives An Amazing Life Thanks To Her Rescuers

Life is never a straight line – you can think that you will have a regular day without any complications and suddenly find yourself in a very sticky situation.

This is exactly what happened to one puppy who got herself trapped in a trash compactor at a local hospital.

Luckily, somebody managed to hear her faint cries and locate her quickly. They immediately contacted a local animal rescue and informed them of what had happened.

Knowing that they didn’t have too much time, the rescuers swiftly made their way to the hospital. As soon as they arrived, they talked to the hospital security and asked them to turn off the trash compactor so that they could save the pup.

Rescue Mission

dog laying in trash
Source: Paws Show

The hospital’s security immediately turned off the compactor, allowing the rescuers to step inside it and get to the dog safely.

When they approached her, they noticed that she was extremely malnourished and had no strength to even stand up, let alone get out by herself.

They picked her slim body up from the pile of trash and carried her out. The rescuers also noticed that she recently gave birth, but her puppies were nowhere to be seen.

old man and black dog
Source: Paws Show

Luckily, the pup was very calm and friendly. It was as if she felt the good intentions of the hoomans and their wish to give her a better life.

The rescuers carefully placed her in their car and immediately drove her to the Animal Emergency Center, where she would receive all the help she needed.

Road To Recovery

When she arrived at the Emergency Center, the pup, now named Crystal Gayle, was given a thorough checkup as well as some food that would help her regain her strength.  

After spending the night there, Crystal was transferred to Grace Animal Hospital. She thoroughly enjoyed her drive as well as meeting all the furry friends who were also staying at the hospital.

pretty black dog
Source: Paws Show

The staff greeted her with kisses and treats, making her feel safe, welcomed, and loved.   

Being in such a warm and loving environment and receiving a lot of yummy and nutritious food, Crystal’s health started to improve. She started gaining weight and was finally able to stand up all on her own.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with heartworm – a disease that causes lasting damage to the heart, lungs, and arteries, and can affect the dog’s health and quality of life.

black dog with purple leash
Source: Paws Show

But, even with this heartbreaking diagnosis, Crystal still had a smile on her face and hope in her heart.

She loves spending time with other doggos and hoomans, and even learned how to sit when she gets her treats.

Only twenty-five days after being rescued, this sweet girl gained 10 pounds! Everybody at the hospital was overjoyed when they heard this incredible news.

black dog on snow
Source: Paws Show

New Life

Being so sweet and loving, it came as no surprise to the hospital when a family applied to take her into their loving home and see how she would feel about it.

As soon as she arrived, Crystal immediately settled into her new home and became a part of their family.

dog on Christmas
Source: Paws Show

Five months later, Crystal was a brand-new dog. She was healthy, strong, and happy.

She now spends her days with a loving family who absolutely adores her and everything she does, allowing her to forget about her dark past and completely embrace her bright future.

Good girl, Crystal!