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Neglected Pup Looked Like An Old Dog Until He Was Rescued And Given A New Chance At Life

Neglected Pup Looked Like An Old Dog Until He Was Rescued And Given A New Chance At Life

A dog: neglected, facing euthanasia.

How sad does this sound?

Unfortunately, this is the heartbreaking truth for thousands of dogs out there that part ways with their owners in the most cruel way possible. 

One such story comes from California, where a tiny, one-year-old was about to face the inevitable. Being skin and bones, and severely neglected, little Reese found herself in a crowded shelter only days away from euthanasia.

At no fault of her own, she was sentenced to the worst possible scenario – until she met her heroes!

Saved At The Last Moment

Reese completely shut down after being brought to one of the local shelters. Confused and scared of everything and everyone, all she wanted was someone to show her kindness. 

And, thanks to the giant-hearted people of Wags and Walks Rescue, from Los Angeles, California, her dream soon came true!

She was rescued at the last moment, given that she was in a very crowded shelter that had no resources to keep her or to treat any of her medical issues (and she had many).

Despite being only one year of age, Reese looked like a senior dog who lived a rough life. Her advanced mange caused open wounds all over her body. On top of all that, she had an infected puncture in her eye caused by a bite, and she was severely emaciated.

“At just 1-year-old Reese has suffered unthinkable neglect. She is skin and bones, has painful, advanced mange and infections,” W&W wrote in an Instagram post.

Her rescuers couldn’t hide the heartbreak after seeing Reese in such a bad condition. She was absolutely neglected her entire life, and it seemed like she had never felt the loving hand of a hooman. 

That’s why the entire team decided to help her, and soon, they found the pawfect foster home for her.

Now, She Wears The Coolest PJ’s

woman taking care of the dog
Source: @wagsandwalks

The couple, Walker and Rebecca, welcomed Reese into their home with an open heart! 

Thanks to the incredible community of people who funded Reese’s recovery process, this resilient girl felt so much better in such a short amount of time. 

“She is safe with us now and we’re thrilled to share that she’s healing quickly, gaining weight and on the road to a full recovery! We are beyond grateful for this incredible community’s support and Reese’s amazing foster family,” the rescue wrote on Instagram.

adorable dog with sweater
Source: @wagsandwalks

However, the real show started when Reese finally got out of her shell! Totally unexpected, she became a fashion icon and the cutest PJ’s model ever!

Even though it all started out as part of her recovery (she got to wear pj’s to protect her fur), Reese dazzled everyone with how chic she looked. And, boi, she looked cool, too!

Rebecca and Walker supplied this little lady with various fashionable outfits so she won’t need to go shopping – ever again (but I’m pretty sure that’s not gonna happen).

On top of all that, she became the family’s sweetest cuddler. She just loves to intrude on her hoomans’ laps and spend some comfy time there, enjoying cuddles that she didn’t have the opportunity to experience before.

The Sweetest Update

Happy woman holding dog
Source: @wagsandwalks

Only a couple of months after she found a way to her caregivers, Reese was given the greatest gift ever!

An amazing family reached out to W&W with only one wish — to give this girl a forever home.

The rescue posted an Instagram update, sharing this incredible news with Reese’s giant community.

“Tonight she’s in her forever home with an amazing, loving family who loves her as much as she deserves to be,” they wrote.

woman laying with two dogs
Source: @wagsandwalks

Reese now lives the best life possible, with hoomans and a doggo sibling who love her the most. She finally gets to take on many exciting adventures without worrying about being abandoned again.

And, the best thing of all? She still gets to wear her cute outfits!