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Pup Left On Railroad Tracks Was Ducking For Days When Trains Passed By Until His Miracle Finally Arrived

Pup Left On Railroad Tracks Was Ducking For Days When Trains Passed By Until His Miracle Finally Arrived

It’s heartwrenching to hear the stories of dogs who have experienced the worst betrayal from humans.

How can any human being hurt animals and put their precious lives in danger?

Today’s story is about Lucky, who was cruelly left on train tracks in Montgomery County, Philadelphia.

Since he was severely injured and unable to move his back legs, the dog felt helpless and frightened. He spent two days ducking under trains, fighting for his life.

After the good people spotted him and called for help, police officers, together with the rescuers, rushed to save his life.

The moment they arrived at the train tracks and looked into Lucky’s eyes filled with sorrow, they felt heartbroken.

The pup kept looking at his rescuers as if he was pleading for them to set him free.

Rescuing Lucky

The good humans couldn’t stop their tears as they approached Lucky, who was desperately lying on the railroad tracks.

They fed him and consoled him, promising that he would be alright and that they wouldn’t leave him alone.

Philly Rescue Angels INC took him under their care. 

injured dog on railroad
Source: Dara Ann

Lucky was rushed to the clinic and placed in an intensive care unit.

The doggo had deep scrapes on his body, and his teeth were broken. He received immediate medical attention. 

Sadly, X-rays showed that the pup had a severe spinal cord injury, and the vet team believed that he would never walk again. They were certain that Lucky was hit by a train at some point. 

His giant-hearted rescuers stayed by his side, giving him love and their unwavering support.

In the beginning, Lucky’s condition seemed bleak. 

When euthanasia was mentioned as a possibility, Sidara Son, one of his rescuers, refused to even think about it. The giant-hearted rescuer believed that they had to save his life.

The brave canine continued fighting to survive. He underwent a six-hour-long spinal surgery.

Lucky won the battle for his life and started feeling better. 

He began wearing his new harness. 

Lucky felt grateful to his rescuers. He kept covering them in kisses. Despite the experience he went through, he was the sweetest boi.

After the rescue shared Lucky’s story on their Facebook account, many people sent messages to the Philadelphia rescue, offering to foster or adopt Lucky.

Since the doggo needed extensive medical care, his rescue friends were careful in choosing the best foster home for him.

Recovering In A Foster Home

woman spoon feeding a dog
Source: Sidara D Son

Kimberly Price Astringer, the Director and Co-founder of Tiny Paws Rescue, took him in as a medical foster and brought him home.

Lucky was glad to move in with his foster mom who gave him a lot of love and the care that he badly needed.

His rescuer, Son, continued to offer him her support. She often took him to the vet appointments with Kimberly, his foster mom.

The doggo’s amazing foster family nursed him back to health. 

Later on, the canine was fitted with a wheeled cart and he could easily move around. He started smiling more and playing with his toys.

However, the terrible experience Lucky endured on the railroad tracks left a toll on him. The pooch had anxiety, and he was trying to overcome the fears that were holding him down.

On January 26th, 2023, Philly Rescue Angels INC shared an update about Lucky.

“Lucky is showing great improvement! He is now able to stand & hold is hind legs up some, with minimal assistance & showing some movement in his tail. He still has a long road ahead of him & in the upcoming months he will need continued physical therapy & is also receiving laser therapy,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

The rescue staff also expressed their disappointment because nobody wanted to adopt Lucky after he was nursed back to health.

Lucky Lives His Best Life

dog walking with wheelchair
Source: Sidara D Son

Little did anyone know that destiny had great things in store for Lucky.

Son, who loved the pooch from the moment she met him on the train tracks, decided to take him home.

Lucky was the happiest boi when he moved in with his forever mom. He couldn’t stop covering her in kisses.

dog licking woman's face
Source: Sidara D Son

Son’s pack received Lucky with open arms and a ton of love. The pup found his happily ever after, chasing away his anxiety and all his fears.

“Lucky completely flourished in my home!  He was instantly comfortable in his new home, with his new pack. The anxiety, separation anxiety, fears, even fear of car rides, that had consumed him, faded away, once with me. He found security in the pack..,” Son shared in a Facebook post.

The pup lives his best life with his beloved mom and the pack. Lucky finally has the immense love he deserved all along. 

I couldn’t be happier for him.