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Pup Labeled ‘The Ugliest Dog’ Struggled In Life Until He Met Someone Amazing

Pup Labeled ‘The Ugliest Dog’ Struggled In Life Until He Met Someone Amazing

One thing that is an absolute nightmare for any pup who is looking for a forever home is being rejected by other people.

What makes it even worse is that a lot of people discriminate against dogs based on their breed, age, or sometimes disabilities.

It’s not a good thing to do, but it happens often in the world, and many pups never find a good family because of it.

For this sweet dog, he was constantly labeled by other people as ‘ugly,’ but one woman noticed just how special he was, and that’s when everything changed.

Trip’s New Chance

When Trip first met his mom, Heather, it was when he was in a shelter and she was doing some fostering through that rescue organization.

The Norcal Bully Breed Rescue looked for someone to foster him and he just got lucky to meet someone that special.

It’s not uncommon for them to look for help this way. There were a number of breeders in that area of California who would cruelly abandon puppies like Trip and let them be euthanized.

However, that was not the case for him. Heather told GeoBeats Animals: “They were looking for someone to take on this cleft palate pup.

And, just like that, Trip’s life had changed completely in such a short time. When she first took him in, she noticed just how energetic and playful he was.

She continues by saying: “He does have the triple cleft, so he has the bilateral cleft lip. And then also the cleft palate.

Despite this, she loved him so much, and the two formed a bond almost instantly. Soon after that, she decided to adopt Trip as her own dog.

He Is Such A Goofball

Now that he had spent a considerable amount of time with her, she had a good idea of how to help him lead a normal life.

His diet was one part. Because of his cleft palate, he had to eat certain foods that would be easy for him to bite and swallow.

Despite the fact that he liked doing things he shouldn’t, he was always special in his approach, and he never backed down when interacting with his dog siblings.

Heather said: “I think he knows he’s special. Trip’s name is fitting. And he will often be in front of you and trip you.

The two of them just have the most amazing relationship. In one instance, when Heather had to go away on a trip (no pun intended), she left the dog with her daughter.

They tried Facetiming, but it just made Heather sad that she couldn’t be there with him. He would always hope that his mom would return soon.

His Favorite Person Is Back

After she came back to California, he was so happy that he couldn’t contain himself and he rushed to meet her immediately.

Despite the fact that Trip’s mom was his favorite person, he loves to play with his dog siblings, Tilly and Paco.

Heather noticed how she often got reactions from other people whenever they saw Trip, and they were usually mixed.

Sometimes, people would think he was cute, while other times, they would say he’s very ugly. This was very hurtful for her to hear.

She said: “I think it’s definitely a reflection of somebody and what they’re maybe going through, but if I can, I always take the opportunity and so does my daughter to re-educate people and explain that a deformity, even in a dog, isn’t something to be made fun of or made light of.

Despite all of this, Trip is just a very lovable dog who loves his family and wants to lead a normal life. His mom thinks he’s just perfect, and that’s the only thing that matters.