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This Sweet Pup Is Heartbroken When She Realizes Her Family Is Abandoning Her

This Sweet Pup Is Heartbroken When She Realizes Her Family Is Abandoning Her

Seeing dogs cope with shelter conditions is always a heartbreak, but seeing one just being surrendered to a shelter is beyond words.

Macaroni, a one-year-old Pug mix, faced that destiny when her family brought her to a shelter in Los Angeles, California, and left her there. Her whole life turned upside down once she realized that she was saying her very last goodbye to her loved ones.

The video of Macaroni being surrendered soon went viral, breaking the hearts of thousands of people all over the country who prayed that the little girl would find refuge in a new, loving home.

Heartbreaking Goodbye

The volunteers at The HIT Living Foundation, based in Los Angeles, California, saw little Macaroni being held in her family’s arms. Being scared and shocked to the bone, she couldn’t stop shaking from the fear of the unknown.

The Foundation’s staff was already there to rescue another dog and her puppies, but once they realized what was going to happen, they immediately rushed into action.

They didn’t lose time asking if they could take Macaroni in, as this adorable Pug mix would definitely not do good in a small shelter crate. In the process, they found out that Macaroni was surrendered to the shelter due to the owners’ daughter’s allergies.

Once the team took her over, Macaroni was still in fear of not knowing what was about to happen next. 

Her heartbreak for losing a long-time family was all over the place. The volunteers couldn’t hold off their tears as the little girl embarked on another journey – one filled with uncertainty and an unfamiliar environment.

“Going to the shelter and seeing the endless dogs is heart-breaking in itself, but witnessing the moments where a dog realizes they are being left behind is beyond,” the organization wrote under the video.

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Given what she’d been through, Macaroni was extremely timid and reserved at the beginning. She was unsure of strangers and other dogs until she realized that the new environment was a friendly one!

Thanks to Macaroni’s amazing fosters, Angela and Natacha, Macaroni started to come out of her shell. She quickly bonded with them and their dogs and got extremely excited about having a cozy place to be once again.

“She can be timid at first but once she has a couple days to settle in to her new environment she does really well. She is good with kids, dogs and also cats,” Angela wrote on Instagram.

Within the next few weeks, Mac was a brand-new dog. She soon formed a wonderful bond with her new friends and finally started to enjoy life to the fullest.

According to her rescuers, she finds peace playing in the yard and snuggling up on the couch. Due to her gentle spirit and just the sweetest personality, Mac has no trouble making friends wherever she goes.

She’s excellent with other dogs and cats, and she absolutely adores children! Eventually, her pawdorable personality led her to a forever home with an amazing family!

In their video posted on TikTok, the HIT Living Foundation posted an update on Macaroni, saying that she has finally found a family who’s in the process of adopting her.

@hitlivingfoundation Replying to @Valerina An update we know you’ve all been waiting for! 🥰 #hitlivingmacaroni🐾 #hitliving #hitlivingfoundation #dogrescue #rescuedog #pugmix #pug #pugsoftiktok #successstory ♬ R I P T I D E – ⚡️ Sped up sounds ⚡️

“She is now living with a foster family who are in the process of adopting her. We’re so glad we came across you and got to give you the life you deserve,” the organization wrote in the video.

After all the heartbreak this tiny dog had been through, it is now time for Macaroni to embark on a new journey with the family who will provide her with all the love in the world. This time – for good!