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Frightened Stray Dog Finds Comfort In Plush Toys His Rescuers Gave Him 

Frightened Stray Dog Finds Comfort In Plush Toys His Rescuers Gave Him 

If there is one thing that I never really took into consideration much, it’s the meaning toys have to our dogs.

Now, while my pooch has had a fair share throughout his life, I never really thought much about why they like them so much.

Just as I am thinking about it now, I realized that they like using them for comfort a lot of the time. 

If they ever get really sad, they might clutch them tight to alleviate the stress and it’s heartbreaking to think about.

For this scared pup, his rescuers gave him toys in hopes that it would ease him up. And, while it did help him feel comfortable, he still needed an extra push.

He Loves His Toys

sweet dog standing near flowers
Source: Suzette Hall

When a group of homeowners from California noticed that a stray dog was wandering around in their neighborhood, they all decided to help her.

They all took notice of how skinny and malnourished she was, so they tried offering her food, but she was too scared to approach them.

So, they left her food outside and she would eat when no one was around. This meant that she was able to gain a lot of weight over time and all the people were pleased to see that.

However, despite the fact that so many of the homeowners took care of her, she was still very reluctant to interact with people.

dog laying near two pots
Source: Suzette Hall

So, they tried easing her up by bringing her some toys, which she just adored. Anytime the homeowners saw her, she was carrying them around with her.

It was so adorable. However, the people who lived there realized that she would need a permanent home and couldn’t just keep wandering around all the time.

While she wasn’t willing to accept help from any of them, they decided to call for some professional help. 

And, the one who answered their call was Suzette Hall, who works tirelessly to save as many animals as she can from the streets of California.

Suzette Hall Is On The Mission

After she arrived at the location where she would usually spend her time, she noticed the dog with a toy in her mouth. It was so heartwarming.

Right as she got out of her car, she tried to figure out how to help her, and the most logical idea was a humane trap.

She left the kennel where it was clearly visible, along with food in it, and the dog took the bait. In a moment, she was now safe and secured.

All the neighbors decided to come and say their goodbyes to this sweet dog as they had all gotten so used to her.

sweet dog in cage
Source: Suzette Hall

They named her Betty Boop, and she was so happy when she realized that she was going to a new and better place.

Hall and the others made sure to pack all of her toys for the trip to the shelter so they would always be with her.

And so, Betty’s rescuer finally took her to a shelter and decided that she would do everything in her power to help her lead a normal life.

It’s so amazing to see that this sweet dog finally got her happy ending and I am glad to see that the homeowners were so kind to give her some nice toys that she will always play with.