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A Loyal Pup Dumped On A Road Kept Waiting For Her Owner With Eyes Filled With Longing

A Loyal Pup Dumped On A Road Kept Waiting For Her Owner With Eyes Filled With Longing

An owner’s commitment and love toward their dogs should last forever. 

Our canines deserve to feel that our home is the place where they truly belong and that our loving arms will always be their safe haven. 

However, a myriad of dogs feel sadness in their hearts after their cruel owners abandon them and leave them to fend for themselves. 

A pup named Maura felt confused and sorrowful, too, after she was left on the side of a road. 

With eyes full of longing, she kept looking into the distance, hoping to see her owner return.

After being loyal to her family her whole life, the pup couldn’t understand that they abandoned her like she never meant anything to them. 

The Pup Gets The Much Needed Help

The rescuers heard that there was a dog waiting on the road, and they immediately came to save her. 

The sadness filled their hearts after they realized how neglected the dog was. Her fur was dirty.

They became worried when they noticed that the pooch had a tumor in her lower abdomen. It made her walk with difficulty.

The doggo, later named Maura, seemed glad to see a friendly face, and she approached one of the rescuers. 

The canine looked at the woman with a tiring expression on her face. Her sorrowful eyes were pleading for help.

The good people took her to the vet. 

After the vet performed a medical checkup, they informed her rescuers that Maura had three tumors. 

The dog, who was estimated to be eight years old, had other medical issues. Her hind legs were injured, and she had poor eyesight. 

After Maura’s caregivers trimmed her fur, they realized how malnourished the pup was. 

She needed to spend some time at the vet. 

The Good People Stayed By Maura’s Side

Her rescuer fed her and took care of her. Maura was relieved because she had someone who cared for her. Her eyes were hopeful. 

At another checkup, the vet told Maura’s rescuers that the tumor grew and that it was malignant. The canine would need surgery and chemotherapy.

Shortly afterward, her caregivers took her to another vet who performed the surgery. 

After the surgery ended, the vet gave them the best news. The dog was going to be alright, and she wouldn’t need chemotherapy.

The rescuers were over the moon.

Maura felt happy, too. When her rescuer took her for a walk around the clinic, the pup wagged her tail like never before.

She sensed that her life was about to change for the better.

Maura Receives The Love She Deserved

Having stayed at the clinic for two weeks, the rescuers returned home with Maura. 

Since everything was new to the pup, she needed some time to settle in.

Her rescuers gave her all their attention and they continued looking after her. Maura felt safe. She looked at her heroes with eyes full of gratitude and love.

Gradually, she started realizing that she was home.

Maura met other dogs and she quickly made friends with them. Their companionship meant a lot to the pup. Her doggy friends helped her gain confidence.

Thanks to the love that her rescuers showered her with, Maura flourished into a happy dog. 

She has the love she always deserved and her heart will never be hurt again.