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Stray Pup Who Decided To Curl Up On A Random Dormant Had No Idea Who He Would Meet Inside

Stray Pup Who Decided To Curl Up On A Random Dormant Had No Idea Who He Would Meet Inside

On a freezing, windy day, a lonely pup was roaming around the neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. He was a sad stray and he didn’t know where to go.

As he badly needed shelter from the wind, the pooch chose a random house and came up on its porch. He curled up on a doormat, keeping his cold paws under his body. 

The pooch hoped that the homeowners wouldn’t chase him away. All he wanted was a place to rest his head and keep himself warm. 

While he was lying on the stranger’s porch, the homeless pup was dreaming of having parents who would tuck him in a warm bed and give him love.

Good Humans Show Kindness To The Stray Canine

Fortunately, a Good Samaritan noticed the pup who was lying on the porch with the saddest expression on his adorable face. They immediately called Stray Rescue of St. Louis, asking them to help the lonely stray.

As soon as they received the call, the rescuers were on their way to rescue the pup.

When they arrived at the address, the rescue team felt saddened to see the canine huddled on the doormat and looking at them with his sad eyes. After they talked to him, he let them put a leash around his neck.

The canine, later named Gasper, realized that these humans came to help him. His sweet, sad eyes started filling with hope. 

Gasper felt relieved that someone came to pick him up. He hoped that they would take him to a safe and warm place.

The rescue team carried him to their warm car. The pup began feeling a lot better. His paws were no longer cold. 

The Love He Missed While Being On The Streets

After the rescuers brought him to the shelter, they cuddled him and realized how adorable Gasper was. He soaked up all their affection and couldn’t get enough of their snuggles.

The vets at Stray Rescue of St. Louis gave him a complete medical checkup. Gasper was estimated to be eight years old.

Although the dog felt exhausted from living as a stray, Gasper was appreciative and grateful for being rescued. 

“Anytime we go spend time with this sweet guy, he does a big stretch and gets off his bed. As we begin petting him, he slowly sinks to the floor. Then, he closes his eyes and just melts into the massage,” the rescue wrote on Facebook 

Gasper’s shelter friends continued giving him a lot of love. They covered him in kisses and gave him more massages. 

His lovely personality shined through, making the staff fall more in love with him every single day.

Gasper loves when the shelter staff makes kissy noises. Whenever they stroke him, the lovely canine leans in and melts their hearts.

Gasper Hopes To Get His Happy Ending

Gasper hopes to find a wonderful family and give them all the hugs and kisses he has saved for them.

Unfortunately, the charming pup has multiple skin tumors on his body. Gasper’s shelter friends hope to find him a hospice foster or a forever family. They think that the charming dog could have a lot of time to enjoy with a loving family.

“He could have years left. He’s doing really well now that he’s safe and healthy, and we imagine he’ll continue to improve in a loving, [easygoing] home,” the shelter wrote. 

Until Gasper finds a home, the shelter staff will continue giving him all their love.

We hope that the handsome Missouri boi will soon find great parents who will shower him with love. He deserves to get his happily-ever-after.