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Pup Covered In Dreadlocks And Fleas Makes An Incredible Transformation After Being Rescued

Pup Covered In Dreadlocks And Fleas Makes An Incredible Transformation After Being Rescued

A kind-hearted man named Jace was riding his bike to a basketball game when he suddenly spotted a heartbreaking sight on the side of the road. 

It was a small dog in horrible condition with noticeable wounds on her little body. 

She needed rescuing urgently, but this kind man was unable to rescue her immediately. He couldn’t just leave her there, so he made a couple of calls and organized for someone to come pick her up. 

Thanks to his compassionate act, the course of this little dog’s life was forever altered.

Rescuing The Sweet Little Girl 

Jace called his mom, who then brought the Mission Pawsible animal rescue team with her to help rescue this precious pup. 

The little girl was sleeping in her corner, but as soon as these strangers started approaching her, she let them know not to come close. 

She was very scared of humans, but they were determined not to leave her behind, so they initiated a rescue plan. 

First, they started to ask around and try to locate where exactly she lived or if she had an owner. They were horrified to find out that this dog actually had someone she belonged to, despite her horrible condition. 

“She was once a stunning western breed puppy but she wasn’t maintained to the standard of care these animals require so today she is covered in dreadlocks, ticks, fleas and is fearful of most people. This is why people need to be educated around pet care – both physically and mentally,” Mission Pawsible wrote in their Facebook post

She probably never had a bath in her whole life, nor the right person who would take proper care of her. 

The rescuers first tried to lure her in a cage with some food, but she was way too smart for that. 

After thirty minutes of trying to coax her, the ‘owner’ arrived on a scooter and was able to put a leash on her. 

“The ‘owner’ agreed for us to take her. The sadness and confusion in Lexie’s eyes was heartbreaking. Removing owned animals from their humans is truly a horrible experience. She may have dreadlocks and been neglected but she still loves that man,” the rescue wrote. 

She was very distraught, but eventually calmed down because in a way, she must have known that they were finally going to help her. 

The Start Of A New And Beautiful Life

She was transported to a veterinary clinic, where she enjoyed a haircut and some delicious food. 

After the shave, they were able to fully assess the state of her cuts and injuries, but thankfully, they were minimal in the end. 

Unfortunately, she was still heartbroken and a bit depressed, but the staff at the veterinary clinic made it clear that she could push through her sadness and learn to trust once again. 

She just needed the right foster home or a forever home that would allow this pretty girl, now named Lexie, to decompress and slowly build trust. 

Thankfully, Lexie found a new home quickly, and her new mom was an ideal match for her.

Her new mom, Michellina Suminto, fell in love with her at first sight. She was actually looking for another puppy to adopt because her other dog needed a friend. 

Meanwhile, Lexie had transformed into an incredibly fluffy ball of fur once her coat had regrown, and she was the cutest dog ever. 

In just a matter of days, Lexie and her adoptive brother, Edison, became inseparable. 

“She is such a brave girl now, I am so proud of her,” Michellina told The Dodo.  

Lexie is not scared of humans anymore, all thanks to one kind soul who showed her the true meaning of love.