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Abandoned Pup Buried In The Snow Hoped Someone Would Notice Him And Then Something Amazing Happened

Abandoned Pup Buried In The Snow Hoped Someone Would Notice Him And Then Something Amazing Happened

During the winter season, the animals that are forced to live on the streets have a really hard time surviving.

They have trouble acquiring food and most of them struggle to find a shelter that would keep them warm and safe from the elements.

That is why every animal shelter during this cold period works overtime to ensure that they rescue every animal in need. And luckily, they even receive help from their community – whether it’s volunteer work or a call letting them know about a misfortunate animal in need of help.

Cold Rescue

When a man was driving down a busy Michigan freeway in a snowstorm, he noticed something strange lying on a nearby hill.

A pup, later named Rudy, was carefully observing the passing cars as the never-stopping snow fell on his trembling little body.  

Luckily, it didn’t take long for the driver to realize that Rudy was a puppy in desperate need of help.

He immediately called Michigan Humane, a private, non-profit organization providing animal welfare and sheltering, informing them of the situation.

The Michigan rescuers rushed down to the location, hoping that the pup would be waiting for them when they arrived.

Luckily, Rudy did not move, but he was a bit hesitant when he saw the rescue team. He started walking away from them, but after a little reassurance, the pup realized that the hoomans were actually there to take him somewhere warmer.

“He was initially nervous and walked away from them but approached when our team got closer,” Michigan Humane media manager, Anna Chrisman, told The Dodo.

The rescuers managed to capture the entire rescue, sharing it on their Facebook:

At The Shelter

As soon as they reached the warm and safe Michigan Humane, Rudy was finally able to relax.

After his checkup, the staff was overjoyed when they found out that he was one healthy and happy pup. 

In no time, Rudy fell in love with each and every staff member, showering them with love every chance he got.

“He was understandably nervous and stressed when he arrived. But [he] warmed up to the team over the first few days,” said Anna.

Brand-New Pup

After some time spent at the shelter, Rudy started to come out of his shell, showing everybody what kind of a pup he truly was.

He loves spending time with other dogs as well as hoomans, and he can’t contain his excitement at the sight of yummy food.

“He’s a sweetheart. [He] enjoys spending time with people and playing around outside in our play yards. He’s also met other dogs while in our care and liked getting to know them. He loves yummy snacks, like stuffed KONGs and hot dog pieces, and going for walks,” she stated.

The next plan of action for Michigan Humane is to find this beautiful pup a loving forever home.

Since he was the cutest doggo ever, this didn’t take too long. Rudy has happily settled into his forever home, enjoying every day spent in fun playdates, warm cuddles, and lots of yummy snacks.