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Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds and definitely one of the most famous ones. With their distinctive features of wrinkley face, short black muzzle, a curled tail, and a lively and loving nature they have a lot of fans worldwide.

pug standing in garden

Pug Colors – What Is The Rarest Pug Color Out There?

All Pug colors are beautiful, but not all are equally unique. What are some of the rarest Pug coat colors you can find?

cute pug sitting outdoor and posing

How Much Do Pugs Cost: Everything You Need To Know!

Do you want to learn more about Pug cost? Learn everything you need to know about how much it costs to buy and maintain a Pug!

pug lying on floor

Pug Skin Problems: 8 Reasons Why Your Pet Feels Irritated

If you own a Pug, you should be careful about these eight major skin issues and their effects on your pet!

a tecup pug playing indoors

Teacup Pug: Is This The Right Pug For You?

Teacup Pugs are wonderful little dogs, but they come with many complications. Let's see should you get a Teacup Pug as a pet!

cavapoo vs maltipoo dog breed

50 Pug Mixes: Cutest Crossbreeds You’re Going To Love!

50 best crossbreed types for canines that are mixed with the friendly and lovable puppies that won't let you down!

pug eats food from a bowl

Pug Feeding Chart: What To Feed Your Pug Bug

Are you thinking of getting yourself a Pug? Then, this chart is something that you must have right now. Check it out!

pug with serious expression

Are Pugs Aggressive? (5 Reasons, Signs, And Prevention )

Are Pugs aggressive dogs or are they good family dogs? What are the 5 most common reasons, signs, and prevention steps of Pug Aggression?

white pug playing with his toy

What Is A White Pug And Should You Get One Yourself?

If you were wondering what a white Pug is, and should you maybe get this doggy for yourself, find all of the important answers here!

retro pug portrait

Comeback Of The Retro Pug

Retro Pugs are waiting for you. Before you get one, join me on this journey of breed knowledge discovery.

owner giving pug a treat

10 Best Dog Foods For Pugs: Tasty Choices For Your Little Bud

Finding the best food for a dog can be a tough challenge. Here are 10 of the best dry and wet dog food options for your Pug.

pug puppy wearing a harness

The 10 Best Harnesses For Pugs: The Top Safest Products

A dog harness can greatly improve your walking time. Here you’ll learn how to choose a good product for your Pug and why this is important.

pug playing with his toy

14 Best Toys For Pugs – Pug Must-Haves

Find out how you can keep your Pug puppy entertained all day long without a hassle!

pug looking at camera

10 Best Brushes For Pugs – Do Pugs Need To Be Brushed?

Here are some of the best products for your short-haired family pet!

pug wrapped into towel with shampoo on head

8 Best Shampoos For Pugs – Best Products For Your Furry Best Friend

What is the best shampoo for Pugs? Should you even buy them, or are human shampoos sufficient? Here’s what you need to know.

Pug sitting on blanket

6 Best Collars For Pugs: What To Look Out For

Finding the best collar for your dog can be really difficult. Luckily, we have you covered with some Pug-friendly ones right here.

pug lying in grey dog bed

8 Best Dog Beds For Pugs: Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Bed of top quality can make a whole difference in your little doggie’s life. But how can you choose the right product? I’ll explain!

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