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Pug Rottweiler Mix: The Charisma Is The It Factor

Pug Rottweiler Mix: The Charisma Is The It Factor

Although each of these wonderful dog breeds has its unique difficulties, Rottweilers and Pugs are among the most popular in the country.

Combining these two breeds yields the finest results. With the Rottweiler gene, we can have a friend to guard your family in addition to the sweet, playful nature of the Pug.

On average, a Pug Rottweiler mix costs around $1,000. Following the size of the Pug, they typically weigh under 20 pounds and are 11 to 12 inches tall. This hybrid dog breed is kind and submissive. They are wonderful family pets.

You may learn all there is to know about Rottweiler-Pug hybrids from this article. When purchasing a new dog, there are numerous factors to take into account, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the breed.

Before making the decision to purchase this mixed breed, it is crucial to do as much research as you can.

What Is The Pug Rottweiler Mix?

cute Pug Rottweiler Mix puppy

How does it happen might be your first question when considering the combination of Rottweilers and Pugs? Pugs are clearly not large dogs compared to Rottweilers.

Because of this, this must be carried out with extreme care and by a qualified breeder. A male pug cannot interact with a female Rottweiler for mating purposes. Therefore, you have to choose carefully between the Rottweiler parent being a male or a female.

A Rottweiler female is bred by being artificially inseminated with a Pug’s sperm. This ensures everyone’s security and enables the entire process. The mixed breed of dog has a lot of benefits and drawbacks after mating.

By Crossbreeding a female Rottweiler and a male Pug, we get the perfect mixed breed, called the Pug Rottweiler mix.

This Pug-Rottweiler mix will be in excellent health. The likelihood of any serious health problems for him or her will be extremely minimal, which is fantastic. This will also result in a longer lifespan for the dog and lower costs for you.

This is a fantastic way to enjoy all the benefits of a rottweiler without having to deal with its hostility and violence. Because of the Pug’s demeanor, the Rottweiler’s natural inclination for aggression is largely hidden.

Shedding is one of the drawbacks of this mixed breed. Both breeds perspire. Pugs shed constantly, but Rottweilers often shed twice each year. There will likely be dog fur everywhere. There are steps that can be taken to address this problem.

How Do People Frequently Refer To This Dog Breed?

People often give cute nicknames to their pets. Sometimes, they often tend to give nicknames to some dog breeds, especially  crossbreeds, mixing the two names of the purebred parent breeds.

The most popular nickname for the Pug Rottweiler Mix is the Pugweiler or RottiePu. Rottweilers are often referred to as Rotties; therefore, the second nickname’s origin can be clear. Essentially, the nicknames are nothing but a combination of the two dog breed names.

Meet The Parent Breeds

Yes, the parent breeds of the Pug Rottweiler mix are known to be great family dogs, but we must agree on the fact that this is a rather strange mix.

These two breeds do have different backgrounds as well as different personality types. The Rottweiler breed is known as a great guard dog, a watchdog of Mastiff descendants; some say that they are better working dogs than German Shepherds.

However, different from  the Rottweiler dogs, the Pug parent breed has a bit more of a laid-back personality. This pooch does not require crazy amounts of training and exercise. However, it does require a bit more health maintenance.

This mix results in a medium sized dog whose character may have dominant traits of either parent. However, to understand the possible outcome of this mix, we need to look into the parent breed’s history and take a look from each of their perspectives.

The Rottweiler

big Rottweiler standing outside

Rottie dogs are a very old breed. The breed was developed in Rome in the year 74. They were utilized to herd livestock at the time and were known as Roman Drover Dogs.

These dogs were employed by the Romans in the Roman Empire to distribute food to the troops as they attempted to conquer Europe. The drover dogs were in charge of the cattle that the Romans would bring along as a source of sustenance.

Later, the butchers would simply kill the animals, load the meat into a cart, and move the cart alongside the soldiers.

On carts, they would pull heavy loads of meat. They were designed to be extremely durable and sturdy.

Eventually, Rottweilers made their way to Germany, where they became  better renowned. They were employed as police, military, and security dogs in Germany.

They protected and assisted people serving mostly in the German army while working side by side with them.

They eventually immigrated to the US and started living as household pets and guard dogs while continuing to serve as police dogs. They are presently among the most popular dog breeds in America.

The Pug

pug puppy standing on grass

Pugs were utilized in the Imperial Government mostly during the Song Dynasty, circa 200 AD, and they had their origins in China.

They were high-class small dogs. They were frequently owned exclusively by royal families. They eventually migrated to several regions of Asia and are still prevalent in royal families today.

These pets were treated with the utmost respect. They led quite opulent lives. There were even moments when the king’s Pug had guards.

Pugs have wrinkled faces, as I’m sure we all are aware. For the Chinese authorities that owned them, this was a crucial issue. They believed that the creases were lucky charms.

They would understand the precise wrinkles as Chinese symbols or letters and decipher the messages their Pug was trying to convey.

Pugs arrived in Europe when China began trading with other nations later in the 1500s and 1600s, primarily with those in Europe.

Pugs arrived in America during the Civil War and quickly established themselves as the popular home pet that they are today.

Although their lifestyle may not be as opulent as it was in China, the individuals who own them all across America adore and cherish them.

What Does The Pug Rottweiler Mix Look like?

It is impossible to predict with certainty how a mixed breed will look. This is due to the fact that you are unsure of which breed your mixed-breed Rottweiler and Pug will resemble more.

In terms of appearance and size, even dogs from the exact same generation frequently vary from one another!

In the majority of Rottweiler mixes, like this one, the other dog dominates the body type, but the Rottweiler shows up in the dog’s color.

The body shape of a Rottweiler Pug hybrid dog will most likely resemble a Pug, with the exception of the face. The face will have a Rottweiler-like pointedness to it. The puppy’s coat will most likely be black and brown, like the Rottweiler.

This dog will weigh somewhere between 20 pounds and 12 inches in height. This is a typical pug size; thus, if the Rottweiler gene is present, the dog will be much bigger.

Rottie puppies weigh around 100 pounds and are roughly 25 inches tall. The pup you get from a male mix will often be larger. In both breeds, females often have  smaller frames.

To have a better look at  some specifics, we will describe both of the parent breed’s appearances, so we can be able to at least guess how  this dog breed may turn out.

The Rottweiler Parent

Rottweiler sitting on grass looking at camera

A Rottweiler gives off a first impression of being strong, and this perception is mostly accurate.

A little female Rottweiler can reach a height of 22 inches, while a huge male can reach a height of 27 inches, making them slightly taller than tall, giant dogs. Weights range from 36 to 54 kilograms (or 80 to 120 pounds).

Blocky dogs with large heads is the usual description of the Rottweilers. Their ears are considerably drooping and close to the head. Although rottweilers have robust, square muzzles, their loose flies can make them a little drooly (lips). 

Rottweilers’ ideal coat is rather short, thick, and a little rough, and they ought to always be black with  tan spots. The “fluffy” coat that occasionally appears in a litter disqualifies the dog from  the championship competition. The recommended length for tail docking is one to two vertebrae.

Typical of the bigger dogs, Rottweilers can take a while to mature. Despite the fact that adult height is frequently established by  one year of age, many do not attain their full adult growth until they are 2 or 3 years old.

These dogs will gain weight, enlarge their chests, and mature into the enormous creatures we anticipate.

The Pug Parent

pug running across field of flowers

The Pug has relatively short legs and is a tiny, strong, barrel-shaped dog.

He is renowned for his broad chest (the Pug’s chest girth significantly develops as it ages) and flat face (the Pug belongs to the brachycephalic category of dogs due to this established physical attribute). Sadly, this can and frequently does result in breathing issues in this breed.

Its eyes are big, round, and darker, and it  has little, rose or button-shaped earlobes that are coated with fine, thinner hairs (as opposed to velvet).

This breed is renowned for having deep, many wrinkles covering both his cheeks and his temples.

The Pug’s tail is one of its unique characteristics. Pug tails are curled by nature. The tail could have one or two loops.

The fingerprint is another characteristic of the Pug’s look. This black mark on the forehead, which is not always present in Pugs, was once believed to be a lucky charm.

Males and females have slightly distinct appearances; females tend to be slightly smaller and lighter than males.

Pug puppies are much rounder than  they will be as adults, with excess skin and a significantly narrower physique. By the age of two, they will have reached their full adult size.

The Personality Of The Pug Rottweiler Mix

Since Pugs are so amiable and joyful, it is highly unusual for them to actually act out. The tendency of Rottweilers to be aggressive is typically subordinated to this feature.

This hybrid breed is incredibly sociable and welcoming. They enjoy interacting with people. Due to how much they adore being around people, they occasionally even experience separation anxiety whenever they are away from their owner or family.

Due to these factors, the family and this dog would make a wonderful family. Mixed-breed Rottweiler-Pug dogs get along nicely with kids and other animals.

They nevertheless make excellent watchdogs because this hybrid retains certain Rottweiler characteristics. They will defend their home and the individuals who are dear to them.

When trained, you can rely on this puppy to be an exceptionally attentive dog.

It is still crucial to socialize this dog, just as it is crucial to do so with any rottweiler, whether you decide to adopt or buy a Rottweiler-Pug mix. If a dog is not trained, they will all behave badly; therefore, start training them early.

The Pug’s Personality

A Pug cannot hunt, guard, or retrieve. Pugs were developed as companions, and they excel at providing companionship. The Pug gets quite upset if his loyalty isn’t returned and demands your lap.

It is typically a calm dog breed and is pleased to be your personal lap dog while you watch a movie or read a book.

This does not imply that the Pug is a personality-less dog breed. On the contrary, it is a humorous, energetic dog who loves to party and entertains his owner with ridiculous acts.

Numerous elements, including training, socialization, and heredity, have an impact on temperament. Puppies with good dispositions are interested and playful, approachable, and want to be cuddled.

Select a puppy that is in the midst of the pack rather than one that is bullying its littermates or cowering in a corner.

Like any dogs, Pugs require early socialization or being exposed to a variety of sights, noises, and experiences when they are young. In order to guarantee that your Pug pup develops into a well-rounded dog, socialization is important.

He should start by enrolling in a kindergarten class for puppies. Regularly hosting guests, taking him to crowded parks, dog-friendly shops, and on unhurried walks to encounter neighbors will all assist him in developing his  social skills.

The Disposition Of A Rottweiler

The less desirable temperamental traits of Rottweilers are fairly widely known. Everyone has an opinion on them based on what they have read, heard, or personally experienced.

Due to their breeding history and the purpose of making this dog breed, Rottweilers can be naturally more aggressive.

They were initially developed to aid in conflict and collaborate with military troops, as you read previously. They were intended to work tirelessly and be aggressive, not to be lap dogs.

This problem has been prevalent ever since they were adopted as domestic pets. A Rottweiler’s propensity to guard its family, home, or other possessions can frequently come off as very aggressive and dangerous, while they are not as aggressive nowadays as they were.

Despite this having been such a strong and significant aspect of what Rottweilers are, these features are frequently still present in Rottweiler mixed breeds.

The majority of the time, Rottweilers retain this feature. In contrast, this is not true in Rottweiler/Pug hybrids.

Is The Pug Rottweiler Mix A Healthy Breed?

Pug Rottweiler Mix puppy

Despite the fact that mixing these two large breeds might seem a little odd, there aren’t many health problems with this hybrid.

Pug and Rottweiler mix puppies are generally healthy when they are born, as was previously said.

Both little dogs and giant dogs can have health problems, and size is frequently a defining characteristic of some health problems.

Small dogs also encounter the same health problems, and many large dogs do as well.

As a result, combining a large dog with a smaller dog helps to avoid many of the health problems which each size of dog encounters.

Brachycephalic Syndrome, which causes Pugs to have narrower noses than the majority of other dog breeds, is a common condition. 

When at least 5 generations of Pugs have been bred, this occurs. As Pugs age, joint problems become a regular problem as well. Both of these Pug genetic conditions are aided by the genes of the Rottweiler.

Possible Health Problems

If you decide to purchase a dog from a reputable breeder, they should disclose any health issues you must become knowledgeable of so that you can plan ahead and anticipate some of these issues.

When purchasing a new puppy, it is always important to inquire about the parents’ medical histories.

Obesity is the only health problem that the Rottweiler Pugs regularly have. Both breeds are susceptible to gaining weight.

Due to the Pug’s lower-than-average level of activity and the fact that Rottweilers tend to gain weight if they don’t move enough, the offspring of mixed breeds are more likely to do so.

You can stop it by giving your dog a lot of protein. These types of dogs don’t need grains; they need protein. They acquire weight when they eat grains. The majority of issues can be solved by feeding them properly.

By conducting research and providing for your dog, you should therefore be capable of being  ready for any health issues that your Rottweiler-Pug mix may encounter.

Therefore, I present you with the most common Pug Rottweiler mix health issues:

1. Hip Dysplasia

Both small and large breeds, including Pugs, are afflicted by this disease. It is believed that a variety of factors, including nutrition, environment, and heredity, are responsible for this hip joint malformation. With the right veterinary care, affected Pugs typically enjoy normal, healthy lives.

Hip dysplasia is characterized by having huge joint problems of the bone connecting the hip with the main joint of the leg by the so-called hip socket.

This condition can be solved by buying a dog from a reputable breeder and not at all costs from puppy mills. Considerate breeders don’t breed already sick parent dogs.

However, if the case occurs that your pup has this illness, you should consult your vet about  Hip dysplasia surgery, which would make your pet’s life easier.

2. Demodectic Mange

All dogs travel with a little companion known as a Demodex mite, sometimes known as demodicosis. In the first few days after birth, the mother dog infects her puppies with this mite.

Only the mother may transmit the mite to her pups; it cannot be spread to people or other dogs. Demodex mites are parasites that dwell in follicles and are mostly harmless.

Demodectic mange, however, can appear if your Pug mix has a damaged or compromised immune system. Localized or widespread demodectic mange are both possible. The forehead, chest, and forelimbs all develop red, scaly patches of the skin accompanying hair loss in the small section.

It is regarded as a puppy ailment and frequently goes away on its own. The generalized type of demodectic mange can develop. Therefore, you should still take your dog to the vet.

Older pups and young dogs are more susceptible to widespread demodectic mange, which impacts the entire body. Over its entire body, the dog develops skin infections, bald areas, and patchy skin.

All dogs who get widespread demodectic mange should be neutered or spayed, according to the American Academy of Veterinary Dermatology, as there is a genetic connection.

3. Breathing Problems

Some dog breeds, such as Mastiffs, English bulldogs, Pugs, and their hybrids, are known for having smushed-up faces that make them look cute-ugly.

But there is a price for those attractive features. These breeds of dogs are prone to a condition known as Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS).

Due to deformation brought on by the compact construction of their skull, the pups’ nostrils and soft palate are too small, impeding airflow and causing them to struggle for breath.

For a long time, scientists believed that their shorter faces were the primary factor. However, genes discovered in another breed imply that the breathlessness may be in their DNA!

When compared to a dog’s ancestral, natural head shape, brachycephaly is characterized by an exceptionally small skull and, in some cases, significantly shortened top jaws and nostrils.

The term “BAOS” refers to the range of respiratory issues connected to brachycephaly. Even if the face bones are smaller, the smooth muscles inside are still the same size and are crammed into a much smaller area.

As a result, the nose, as well as upper airways become more constricted and more difficult to breathe through. 

The clinical symptoms caused by these impacts are described by BAOS. The main hereditary (present from birth) defects are enlarged and thick soft palates and stented nasal passages (abnormally narrow nostrils).


When it comes to taking care of your mixed breed pooch, there are a few things to consider. As we, as humans, need some basic necessities, so do our furry friends!

They need to be given high quality dog food, have yearly vet checks, and be groomed, exercised, and trained properly.

Therefore, we will discuss these components in detail, so you can have a better, more detailed perspective when it comes to taking care of your pet and giving it the highest possible quality of life.

Feeding A Pug Rottweiler Mix

Pug Rottweiler Mix stanidng outside
Photo from: @peanutsnuttyworld

Purebred Rottweilers require a significant amount of protein. Approximately somewhere between 22% and 28% of the foods consumed by them should be protein. They can consume a wide variety of human foods. However, it is recommended that you keep dogs on a diet that is high in dog food.

The best food for Rottweilers is protein-based and contains little to no grains. The food you provide Rottweilers is crucial since it can significantly affect their weight. You need to carefully read the Rottweiler feeding chart!

Pugs also require a rather specialized diet. They require extremely tiny dog food pieces. When they chew their food, it aids them. Therefore, it is wise to check the Pug feeding chart.

In addition, a lot of Pugs have allergies to things like chicken, maize, soy, and wheat. Unfortunately, most dog foods contain all of them as common components. A lot of the best dog foods contain chicken as the  main ingredient.

It is preferable to avoid using chicken as the main ingredient due to this constraint. Additionally, avoiding foods with a high grain content is a smart idea. This aids in providing for the dietary requirements of both dog breeds.

Due to the fact that turkey, a lean protein source that Pugs aren’t typically allergic to, is the main component of this diet, it is a wise choice.

We advise that you do an allergy test prior to feeding your dog. Therefore you are aware of your possibilities when it comes to dog food. But adding some raw dog food components would be great for any kind of dog breed, for sure!

Daily Exercise Needs

Due to their high energy level, purebred Rottweilers typically require two hours of daily exercise.

It also gives kids a wonderful outlet for some of their energy, which promotes their overall health. Conversely, pugs tend to have low to moderate levels of energy.

The energy level of Rottweiler pug mixes is more moderate. They require room to be able to play and run around, but they must not be overworked because doing so could exhaust the Pug and make them overheat.

Accompanying dogs on walks and treks is a good method of taking  care of them, provided that the weather isn’t too hot and the climb or walk isn’t too demanding.

Grooming Needs Of A Pug Rottweiler Mix

These canines don’t require frequent baths for grooming. Too many baths for them can cause their skin to become dry.

This is not very beneficial for the dog, but it is also not very beneficial for anyone who is sensitive to dogs, as dry skin results in pet dander, which is what causes allergic reactions in people with pet allergies.

These dogs do shed quite a bunch; therefore, brushing their fur is a good practice to keep  the hair controlled and prevent the accumulation of a lot of hair.

It’s crucial to brush them when they are developing a new coat, particularly during the two main shedding seasons.

During these two times, you should wash their teeth once a day, and the remaining months of the year, around twice a week.

Cleaning and clipping their nails is necessary for basic grooming. Make sure they haven’t walked in anything hazardous or damaging to their paws by looking all around them.

In addition, you should keep  their ears clean and ensure that you  brush their teeth. Apart from that, they don’t require much maintenance in terms of grooming.

Training The Pugweiler

Both Pugs and Rotties are obedient dogs. They are typically all rather simple to teach.

It becomes slightly more difficult when these dogs are mixed together. Since Rottweilers are such dominating canines, they will attempt to assume the position of alpha if no one else is available.

This mixed breed demands a master who will treat them with dominance. If you can do that, training will be simpler.

They are exceptionally smart dogs, which is advantageous to you. They’ll be aware that you’re trying to train them. Therefore this will happen. The technique you’re employing will be fairly simple for them to understand, and they’ll follow your instructions.

They get easier to train as they increase their workout level. Keep them active so that you may take advantage of that when teaching them. The training of this hybrid breed is crucial.

Any dog must be trained, and even if the Pug lacks many of the Rottweiler’s genes for aggression and violence, there is still a potential that those tendencies could manifest themselves.

The best form of training is socialization rather than any other kind. These puppies will become more well-rounded and prepared to interact with people or other dogs by being socialized.

It will be beneficial for them if you take them  to a dog park a few times per week so they can interact with other dogs. All mixed breed animals with Rottweiler genes fall under this category as well. The most critical action you can take for your Rottie is socialization.

Final Word

Pug Rottweiler mix lying on sofa
Photo from: @journeys_with_max

Keep in mind that the Pug Rottweiler mix is a wonderful family dog with characteristics similar to both the Pug as well as the Rottweiler. Even though it is much smaller than a Rottweiler, the coloration and appearance are frequently extremely similar (also, just like  the Doberman!).

You combine the finest of both worlds with this mixture. You receive a dog that is extremely healthy, attractive, devoted, lively, brave, and energetic.

This mix will be among the outstanding guard dogs, as well as a lap dog just as great as a Chihuahua (minus the fierce personality!). They are medium-level energy dogs, which means that they need moderate activity.

With such a designer breed, you have a truly special dog on your hands. They won’t have a dog like this among your friend circle and neighborhood for sure!  

Most people have likely never heard of a Rottweiler/Pug hybrid. You can welcome this outstanding dog into your home first!

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