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Protective Mama Dog Didn’t Let Anyone Get Close To Her Little Puppy

Protective Mama Dog Didn’t Let Anyone Get Close To Her Little Puppy

Love is a complex set of emotions that has been the target of research by numerous scientists throughout history. 

However, many believe that love is something sublime that cannot be explained only by mere science. That is why it has a special place in numerous songs and stories. 

The relationship between a man and his best canine friend is one of the purest, which has melted many hearts again and again. But, nothing can overcome a mother’s love for her baby, and it is considered to be the fundamental emotion on which everything rests. 

This is exactly what one heartwarming video shows best: a mother dog does not allow even her favorite human to get involved in her inviolable bond with her puppy. It is the best indicator of how strong maternal devotion can be, and that canines have it, too.

A Scene Of Pure Love

golden retriever hiding puppy from human hand
Source: Dog Blog

The video that won the Internet in a very short period shows a small Golden Retriever puppy that a human is trying to make give him a paw

Although, at first, this little one has nothing against the idea, suddenly, a large Golden Retriever appears and decisively stops the interaction. 

Addie, the four-year-old mother of this little goldie, isn’t very thrilled with the idea of ​​anyone getting too close to her baby, let alone taking her by the paw or, God forbid, taking her away.

photo of golden retriever mom guarding her baby
Source: Dog Blog

“This is my baby,” it is written in the Youtube video while Addie strongly hugs her puppy. “She is mine, we do cuddles.”

During this time, the puppy tries to give a paw to the human. But, the mother becomes even more determined in her intention to prevent her from doing so, and seems to convince her that it is for her own good.

dog mama hiding her puppy
Source: Dog Blog

At the end of the video, Addie can even be seen putting her paw over the eyes of her puppy, determined to see this through.

“Go find your own baby,” it is stated at the end of the video. “This one is mine.”

The Golden’s Struggle

woman hugging golden retriever

According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are intelligent and friendly dogs, but their true trademark is their eagerness to please and do everything for their human. This is exactly why this breed is the most popular in the United States for many years in a row. 

Goldens can also be very protective dogs, again, especially towards their favorite people. If this dog feels that his owner is threatened, he will do everything to protect him, and even risk his own life. For a Golden, his whole world revolves around hoomans.

For this very reason, it is difficult to say why, in this video, Golden Retriever, Addie, was so opposed to this human, even though he just wanted her puppy to give him a paw and do some tricks with him.

It can be clearly seen that this little goldie has grown enough for the much-needed exercise (or, how it is described in the video, “tricks”) that will open the door to an independent life. 

Namely, the period of weaning usually ranges between the ages of 8 weeks and two years old, and this puppy is not far from that. 

Everything points to the fact that this mother dog should not behave this protectively towards her puppy, but she still does. 

But then, when we return to the introduction in which we already emphasized that love is something sublime that goes beyond mere science, some things become much clearer. 

Victory Of Mother’s Love

golden retriever mama and baby lying

In the end, no other conclusion can be reached than the fact that motherly love wins it all. Although science says that only maternal instincts are present in mother dogs, which slowly disappears at the puppy’s age of 4 to 8 weeks, this video, in a way, denies all that.

Contrary to popular opinion, it shows that a canine mother’s love for her baby is not just based on mere instincts that strictly last until a certain period of life. 

Here, we can see that the emotional life of dogs is much deeper than we think, and maybe even more than that of humans. The best indicator of this is true love – the love of a mother for her child, which dogs obviously also feel in a very special way. 

If it wasn’t like that, mother Addie, herself, would surely have helped her little one give this man a paw. She wouldn’t have hugged her so tightly and protectively to protect her from all the adversities that life brings, even from this well-intentioned human.