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Stray, Pregnant Pup Who Was Looking For Shelter To Give Birth In Couldn’t Believe What One Hooman Offered

Stray, Pregnant Pup Who Was Looking For Shelter To Give Birth In Couldn’t Believe What One Hooman Offered

A mom will do everything in her power to provide the best life for her babies. And that not only stands for hoomans, but doggos, too.

When a pup by the name of Leah got pregnant, she tried her best to secure a safe and comfortable shelter for her babies. However, as she was a stray dog and life on the cold streets wasn’t an easy one, doing this proved to be far more difficult than she imagined.

Luckily, when a group of devoted rescuers heard about her story, they immediately set out to find her and offer her the life she always dreamed about.

Rescue Mission

a dog in cage
Source: Youtube

After finally locating the soon-to-be mama and managing to catch her, the rescuers let out a sigh of relief.

They immediately took her to a foster home where she received a warm bath as well as a cozy bed, allowing her to decompress a bit and get comfortable. Unfortunately, her rest didn’t really last long because she went into labor the very next day!

dog with puppies on bed
Source: Youtube

After 12 hours of labor, Leah gave birth to twelve beautiful puppies!

Finally, Leah fulfilled her dream – she and her babies were safe. All that she had to do now was rest and care for her litter, and her loving fosters would take care of the rest.

puppies breastfeeding
Source: Youtube

New Life

Being in such a warm and loving environment, Leah made a full recovery, and her puppies were growing big and strong by the second.

In no time, Leah was proudly watching her puppies run around the backyard, playing with each other and having never-ending fun. She, as well as her foster family, knew that one day, they would have homes and families of their own.  

puppies eating on the terrace
Source: Youtube

And that’s exactly what happened!

One by one, the puppies found their forever homes with families that ensured they had everything they needed to lead perfect lives.

Even though Leah was a little sad to see her litter separate, she knew that it was in their best interest. This also allowed her to live the life she always deserved.

a dog with scarf
Source: Youtube

She finally embraced the joy of being a carefree pup! She spent her days running through the park, having cozy naps, and eating the yummiest treats.

A big thank you to every hooman who made all of this possible. Without you guys, who knows what would have happened to this beautiful family!

You guys are heroes!