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Three Very Pregnant Pitties Across the Country Got Rescued In The Nick Of Time

Three Very Pregnant Pitties Across the Country Got Rescued In The Nick Of Time

When two women came across a very pregnant Pit Bull, they immediately stopped to help.

Even though the mama pittie, later named Poppy, was hesitant at first, the woman decided to give her some yummy food, hoping to gain her trust.

The plan worked!

Triple Rescue

black dog walking on the sidewalk
Source: The Dodo

In no time, the sweet doggo lowered her guard and was even eating out of their hands. They managed to get her into their car and drive her to a safer place.

During the entire car ride, Poppy held onto the hand of her rescuers, showing her endless gratitude.

dog in the car with people
Source: The Dodo

Meanwhile, in Nashville, a woman spotted another pregnant pittie with whom she spent multiple days rescuing.

Unfortunately, this rescue mission didn’t go as smoothly as the first one.

dog walking in parking lot
Source: The Dodo

This mama, named Clementine, was very skittish and had a lot of trouble trusting her rescuer. Even when she was offered chicken, which she loved, she did not want to approach the caring human.

The rescuer then thought it would be for the best if she brought a trap cage in order to capture this sweet mama.

pitbull in kennel
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, this worked very effectively and Clementine was finally heading somewhere safe.

Yet another woman, this time in California, managed to convince her husband to foster a pregnant Pit Bull named Ginger, who was scheduled to be put down before she could even give birth.

pregnant pitbull lying
Source: The Dodo

A Lot Of Puppies

After some time, all three brave mamas gave birth to healthy litters of puppies.

Poppy’s rescuers decided that they needed this sweet pup in their life, so they decided to adopt her while putting all of her puppies in loving homes.

pitbull puppies
Source: The Dodo

In Nashville, after seeing all of her pups find forever homes, Clementine also found a loving home full of happiness and adoration.

As soon as she met her new parents, she couldn’t contain her joy while showing off a big, adorable smile.

woman holding pitbull
Source: The Dodo

And, finally, back in California, Ginger also shares the same sweet faith as the other moms. After settling her puppies into their homes, and finding a home herself, she decided to continue being a mom and foster babies in need.

However, this time, to some very strange and adorable furry babies.

pitbull lying on its back
Source: The Dodo

Final Word

This truly is the most incredible thing ever!

Seeing all of these loving humans dedicating their time and energy to dogs in need really warms my heart.

Not only did they help three adorable pitties find a home where they are safe and loved, but also, over a dozen little baby pups. This is amazing.

One big thank you to the three rescuers as well as the rest of the rescuers across the world who dedicate their lives to saving animals in need.

You guys are the real heroes!