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Pregnant Pit Bull Saved 47 Minutes Before Euthanasia, Now She Gets To Live The Best Life

Pregnant Pit Bull Saved 47 Minutes Before Euthanasia, Now She Gets To Live The Best Life

So many dogs never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel just because their saviors were too late!

Due to strict shelter policies, a plethora of canines face the inevitable before they even get the chance to see the outside world.

Stormi was in that group, and she was only moments away from being euthanized. 

Her rescuers had until 2 p.m. to reach her, and they were inclined to do everything to get her out, but time was slipping away quickly…

The Last-Moment Rescue

Pitbull on a leash
Source: @karlaspack

Lisa Chiarelli of Frankie, Lola and Friends, California, and her friend, Karla, wanted to save Stormi’s life at any cost. When they saw this heavily pregnant doggo being scheduled for euthanasia, they rushed to the shelter – and luckily, they made it!

“The shelter gave this sweet girl til 2:00 today to be rescued. @lisachiarelli and I couldn’t get her out of our heads… We couldn’t let this be the end for her and her babies,” Karla wrote on Instagram.

Pitbull in a car
Source: @karlaspack

They arrived at the California shelter exactly forty-seven minutes before she was about to be put down to eternal sleep, and Stormi couldn’t be more thankful!

Jumping into her rescuers’ car was one of the happiest moments of her life. Even though she was in a big discomfort due to a litter she was carrying, Stormi somehow knew that, from now on, everything would be fine.

Pitbull sitting on the floor
Source: @karlaspack

She found her temporary home with Karla and her amazing pack of foster doggos.

During the first couple of days, Stormi was placed in an isolated part of the house. Her other foster siblings would come and sniff her for a little while, but that was about it. 

Karli wanted to make sure that this soon-to-be mom gets really comfortable with the new environment before she starts to interact with everyone. But, then, again, Stormi looked very friendly right off the bat. And, she definitely didn’t mind having company!

Here Comes A Big Litter

Pitbull puppies
Source: @karlaspack

Finally, the day came – and Stormi became a beautiful mom of eight fabulous babies!

It was way more than Karli and Lisa expected, but they were just so happy to see Stormi finally become a mom. And, with the new role, her new personality came out!

Unlike some of Karli’s former fosters, Stormi was naturally such a great momma. She took care of her babies all the time and went into her protective mode. For a few weeks, she spent her days in a puppy room, away from other dogs, so she could completely relax.

two Pitbulls
Source: @karlaspack

During those days, Stormi learned how to feed, nurse and get her pups warm and cozy. But, most of all, she learned the true meaning of momma’s love!

When her babies were finally able to meet the outside world, Stormi once again surprised everyone!

She started acting like a puppy herself and having endless fun with other dogs. She enjoyed her time at foster care so much, and she definitely started to trust again!

Together with her pack, of which Anna, the blind Pittie was her favorite, Stormi had the time of her life

Off To A Better Life

four Pitbull puppies
Source: @karlaspack

The biggest turning point in Stormi’s life was several weeks after her rescue!

A beautiful family with two kids reached out to her caregivers, wanting to meet this resilient momma. And then, it happened!

It was love at first sight, which only meant one thing. Stormi found her forever home!

family and Pitbull
Source: @karlaspack

Together with her puppies, who also embarked on their very own journey, Stormi opened the chapter to a brand-new life!

She was finally able to exhibit all of her colors in a new home, far away from shelter life. 

Stormi is now the princess of her new family, the companion and the friend. After all the hardship she had been through, she’s finally in the place she dreamed of her whole life!