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Pregnant Shelter Pittie Facing Euthanasia Gets The Best Mom In The World

Pregnant Shelter Pittie Facing Euthanasia Gets The Best Mom In The World

There are many things that are unfair in this life. Seeing a dog being set for euthanization because she can’t find a new home is one of them.

Most of the time, it’s not even their fault. All of them are lovable and very sweet if people give them a chance.

In this story, we will talk about a pregnant pittie who was almost euthanized, but was saved just in the nick of time.

A Very Pregnant Pittie

sad pittie sitting
Source: The Dodo

Ginger’s life was not easy at all. During her stay at a shelter in California, she was set to be euthanized, even though she was clearly pregnant.

This was such a cruel and unnecessary thing, and her new mom, Susan, just couldn’t watch it happen, and immediately decided to adopt her.

It was her only chance, and so she didn’t hesitate for a second to give Ginger and her babies the chance they deserve.

woman helping pregnant pittie
Source: The Dodo

Susan would look out for her almost all the time, and watched as her belly grew over time.

She made sure to prepare everything necessary for the newborn puppies, and all that was left was to wait.

During one fateful Saturday, Susan left for a very short time to grab some groceries at her local store in California, and when she returned home, she was pleasantly surprised.

She told The Dodo: So, we came back and went in to check on her, opened the door and there was this wet little puppy.

A Sweet New Family

pitbull puppies lying on a pile
Source: The Dodo

Ginger had given birth to five of her babies right there on the floor. Susan assumed that that was it, but noticed she was still tense and there were more of them on the way.

There were just so many of them, and Susan helped them and their mom all be comfortable.

It was really noticeable from the start that they inherited Ginger’s outgoing and playful personality.

Susan said: So, all of the puppies had found their homes, and I had promised my husband this entire time that I would also find Ginger a home.

close-up photo of pittie and kitten
Source: The Dodo

When it came time for her to find a home for Ginger, she didn’t know how to do it. She bonded so much with Ginger that she did not want to give her up.

She also noticed just how friendly she is around other fostered animals, and they all loved to be around Ginger.

Susan said: She’s helping other animals, and calming them down, and she’s giving back in her own way.

In the end, no matter what, she knew in her heart that Ginger belonged with her and she was never going to give her up. It’s so beautiful to see such a bond between a dog and a human.