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This Pregnant Dog Was Always So Scared But Then One Day Everything Changed

This Pregnant Dog Was Always So Scared But Then One Day Everything Changed

This sweet dog named Kenna came to Promise 4 Paws rescue in Orange County, California, after she was abandoned on the streets by her previous owner. 

She was scared, hesitant, covered in ticks, and obviously very pregnant.

X-rays revealed that Kenna was expecting three babies. Fortunately, she found herself in a secure environment surrounded by people who deeply cared for her well-being. 

Waiting For The Babies 

Pregnant black dog
Source: Suzie Graf

Kenna went to an amazing foster home with Suzie Graf, who got to foster her and help her deliver her babies. 

For the first couple of days, Kenna remained apprehensive around people, but thanks to the care and love from her incredible foster mom, she started to gradually build trust.

They didn’t know what she had been through, so they decided to take it one day at a time, providing the care and support she needed.

Black dog laying on a pillow
Source: Suzie Graf

Two weeks after being rescued, Kenna gave birth to three beautiful puppies. 

“Promise 4 Paws would like to introduce you to Koa, Nalu, and Luana who were born early this morning. We have a beautiful array of earth tone colors, which I’m sure will match their sweet personalities. Mama Kenna is doing amazing and keeping them all cuddle together,” Kenna’s foster mom wrote in her Facebook post

black dog feeding its newborn puppies
Source: Suzie Graf

One of Kenna’s puppies, Nalu, was born hairless, leading the rescue to suspect that one of the baby’s daddies might be a Shar-Pei.

Nonetheless, Kenna was such a good momma taking care of her babies. She was so devoted that even a brief separation from her little ones would make her visibly concerned.

woman holding a newborn puppy
Source: Sue Walshe

When the puppies were only eight days old, Kenna had to have surgery at San Juan Animal Hospital since she did not pass all three placentas, which could be fatal for the mama. 

Fortunately, the surgery went smoothly, and Kenna was soon back home taking care of her babies. 

Going To Forever Homes 

Three cute puppies
Source: Suzie Graf

The puppies were thriving and making remarkable progress. They opened their eyes and began to explore.

Witnessing them grow in such a wonderful environment and receive the love they rightfully deserved was truly heartwarming.

“We have decided on the breeds of Kenna’s pups💕 2 of the pups, Luana and Koa, are a Goldendoodle/Terrier mix. Nalu is a Shar-Pei/Doxie/Terrier,” Graf wrote on Facebook

At eight weeks old, it was time for them to start their lives in their forever homes.

Nalu, the adorable Shar-Pei mix, was adopted by an amazing young man, Vicente Germann, and will be living a lifetime of adventures. The two other puppies also got adopted into incredible families. 

The first couple of days without her babies were exceptionally hard for Kenna as she was sad and depressed. 

“Her puppies now have gone to their forever homes, and Kenna is super sad. I’ve never seen a dog so brokenhearted in my entire life. We’re giving her lots of love and attention,” Graf said.  

Cute black mother dog
Source: Suzie Graf

After ten days, she finally began eating, playing with other dogs, and enjoying her life. 

Kenna was eventually adopted by her foster mom and has officially joined the Graf family in San Clemente, California, alongside seven other dogs. 

“She is a precious little thing,” said her now forever mom. 

Kenna went from being abandoned on the streets and not having anyone to take care of her to having a big furry family that loves her very much. 

many dogs on a couch
Source: Suzie Graf

To watch Kenna’s journey from abandonment to having babies and finding her forever home, visit here.