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Pregnant Dog Ran Away From Abusive Owner And Decided To Try And Find Help Elsewhere

Pregnant Dog Ran Away From Abusive Owner And Decided To Try And Find Help Elsewhere

Sukha is a soon-to-be mom with a very dark past.

When she became pregnant, Sukha’s owner did not want to take care of so many pups so they abused her, neglected and even starved her.

She spent her days in fear, not knowing what her owner might do to her next and not knowing how she would raise her babies in such conditions. One day, she decided that she would no longer endure such abuse, so she ran away in order to find a safe place to give birth to her litter.

Bravest Mama Ever

pregnant dog lying on grass
Source: Paws Show

Sukha, still having a rope around her neck, ran as far away from her owner as she could. But, being in such a state, she became extremely exhausted and collapsed by the side of the road.

Luckily, a kind hooman found her and, after having a closer look, came to a shocking discovery.

Sukha went into labor!

They quickly got her in their car and rushed her to the vet, where she could be properly taken care of.

dog sitting in the car
Source: Paws Show

When she arrived at the vet, Sukha was still extremely exhausted. But, meeting all the kind people really did make her feel more relaxed.

The vets immediately noticed that her breasts were swollen and milky – a clear indicator that she was about to give birth at any moment!

The veterinary staff stayed by the brave mama’s side and closely monitored her condition. They spoke to her in a calm and soothing voice, reassuring her that she was safe and that nothing would hurt her ever again.

hands holding down a dog
Source: Paws Show

Not long after, Sukha gave birth to a litter of the cutest puppies ever. In the end, she became a mother of twelve pups… incredible!

Everybody at the vet clinic was so proud of this brave mama and made sure to do everything in their power to make her as comfortable as she could be.

dog with newborn puppies
Source: Paws Show

Sweetest Little Family

It came as no surprise that Sukha was the sweetest mama ever. She was incredibly gentle with her pups, making sure that they were clean, fed, and warm at all times.

She decided to completely forget about her dark and tragic past and embrace her new role as a mother.

puppies nursing
Source: Paws Show

Seeing what an incredible pup she was, Sukha’s rescuers knew that she deserved a second chance at life and they were set on finding her a loving forever home.

For the time being, and until her puppies grow up, this brave mama will stay in the care of her rescuers, where she will receive everything she needs and so much more.

But, I am sure that when the time comes, both she and her puppies will become part of a loving family who will love and adore her, just like she deserves.

photo of mom dog
Source: Paws Show

Final Word

Unfortunately, Sukha is not the only pup who suffered such horrific abuse.

There are many pups out there who are constantly being mistreated and neglected, and they haven’t done anything wrong!

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you do not have the conditions and means to take care of your dog, please consider surrendering it to your local shelter and offer it a second chance at life.

Also, if you are aware of a dog being mistreated, please contact your local authorities and inform them of the situation – they will handle the rest!