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Pregnant Chihuahua Has The Most Unusual Orange Best Friend

Pregnant Chihuahua Has The Most Unusual Orange Best Friend

An orange cat named Manx of the Memories, Manx for short, was relocated from a local shelter into the care of Austin Pets Alive! (APA), an animal shelter located in Austin, Texas.

At the APA shelter, Manx met Halle Hamilton, a senior manager of the cat program at APA as well as an avid foster mom, who immediately noticed just how social this cat was.

She immediately understood that this orange boy needed a friend who would brighten up his days.

Luckily, she was able to find just the perfect one, even though it was a very unusual match.

Unusual Friends

When a pregnant Chihuahua named Chloe arrived in the care of the Austin shelter, Hamilton decided to become her foster.

Even though she was a bit scared of how the cat would react, she was shocked when she realized that it turned out to be love at first sight between the two.

“Manx was instantly sold. Chloe was a little confused by him — I mean, what a funny-looking dog, right? But as soon as I sat down, Chloe climbed into my lap, and Manx climbed into Chloe’s lap. That was it! Total time to best friends: 27 minutes,” Hamilton told The Dodo.

The two immediately became inseparable. Manx and Chloe loved spending their time together cuddling, sharing snacks, and even grooming each other and making sure that they always looked their best.

And, when Chloe went into labor, Manx made sure that he was by her side the entire time.

“He was ECSTATIC. She was clearly very busy and couldn’t get his puppies out fast enough. He was either laying right next to her whelping pen, wide-eyed, or jumping in and out of the pen at the sound of the puppies’ cries to check on her and them,” Hamilton said.

One Happy Cat

The proud mom and her pups are doing great, thanks to the happy environment they are in.

Manx is still by their side every second of the day, eagerly waiting for the little pups to grow big enough so all of them can spend their days having fun and playing with each other.

Manx went from having a thoughtful hooman to having an incredible friend and finally to having a whole litter of them!

“What’s better than one puppy friend? How about a whole litter?” Hamilton said.

For now, the two best friends are focusing all of their attention on raising the puppies so they become healthy and happy and able to find themselves a forever home in no time.

When that day does come, Manx and Chloe are hoping to find a forever home of their own. Even though they would love to find one together, it is not completely necessary.

No matter what happens to them, whether they remain together or are separated, they will always carry each other in their hearts and remember all of the fond memories they shared.

Manx will forever be grateful for Chole’s company as she gave this once-unwanted shelter cat the best buddy he could have asked for.

If you or anybody you know is interested in adopting these incredible animals, feel free to contact Austin Pets Alive! for more information.