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Shih Tzus being one of the cutest small dogs ever are a popular choice when it comes to crossbreeding. With a wide variety of choices, it is guaranteed that you’ll find some pawsome pups that will be great companions for you.

cute shih tzu walking on the grass

The Top 45 Shih Tzu Mixes That Make Terrific Pets

Shih Tzu mixes you'll see here today are a bunch of combinations you're going to love – from most unusual ones to standard pups!

shih tzu corgi mix

Is The Shorgi The Cutest Dog? All About This Corgi Mix

The Shorgi is one of the newer mixed breeds. This dog makes everyone fall in love with it! But, is this the right breed for you?

shih tzu pitbull mixed breed dog

Shih Tzu Pitbull Mix: All The Tidbits On This Hybrid!

Shih Tzu Pitbull mix is a fairly new crossbreed dog with a unique appearance. This doggo will impress you with its temperament.

pekingsese shih tzu dog looking straight

Pekingese Shih Tzu Mix: A Breed You Have To Explore

Pekingese Shih Tzu Mix is a dog breed you should check out. All of the important information about this dog breed in one article!

malshipoo dog

Is The Malshipoo The Right Dog Breed For You?

Is this most recent dog breed a right pick for you? Fresh guide for the future first time owners of this dog breed!