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pug mixes

From Bull-Pugs to Porgis, there are plenty of Pug mixes that are truly unique. Read on to discover the magnificent crossbreeds of these canines, as well as other things related to them.

Puppy pugalier playing with dog toy in the backyard on green grass

50 Pug Mixes: Cutest Crossbreeds You’re Going To Love!

50 best crossbreed types for canines that are mixed with the friendly and lovable puppies that won't let you down!

English Bulldog Pug Mix stands on the grass

English Bulldog Pug Mix: An In-Depth Guide To Bull-Pugs

What you should know before choosing a Bull-Pug or Miniature English Bulldog crossbreed as a pet.

husky pug mix

The Quirky Cross: Meet The Husky Pug Mix

The Husky Pug Mix is a quirky dog crossed between two amazing dogs. They're loyal, affectionate, friendly, and exactly what you need!

porgi -a mix breed between corgi and pug standing outdoors staring at the camera

Corgi Pug Mix: All You Need To Know About The Porgi Dog

A complete guide to the Porgi, with sections on health, grooming, training, and care for your Corgi Pug hybrid.

german shepherd pug mix sitting in grass

German Shepherd Pug mix: Is A Shug The Perfect Designer Dog?

Find all the information you need about the Shug crossbreed, with tips on health, grooming, and care.

Pitbull Pug

A Guide To A Pitbull Pug Mix Breed

This mix is a perfect crossbreed to have in a family. Learn why this designer dog is a great combination of indoor life and socialization!

jack russell pug mix

The Jack Russell Pug Mix: Let’s Meet The Adorable Jug

Jack Russell Pug mix is a unique hybrid dog created by crossing two very distinct breeds. Find out everything about this fascinating dog in this breed guide.

Pug Rottweiler Mix The Charisma Is The It Factor

Pug Rottweiler Mix: The Charisma Is The It Factor

What Is The Pug Rottweiler Mix, and how is it possible that it is not as famous as it should be? Find out more about your future pet!

brusself griffon pug mix standing in grass

The Brussels Griffon Pug Mix For A Brighter Life

Being a cross between two fantastic family dogs, Pugs and Griffs… the Brussels Griffon Pug mix represents a lifetime of fun and companionship!