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The Maltese is a charming, playful small watchdog that all dog lovers worldwide love! We are not surprised with the fact that breeders decided to crossbreed this cute pooch with some other equally awesome dog breeds. These mixed dogs are a result of the crossbreeding. 

cute maltese dog sitting in grass

Maltese Mixes: 29 Gorgeous Maltese Hybrid Dogs

If you have ever wondered what Maltese mixes there are, stick with this article and see the 29 most adorable hybrid dogs on the planet!

morkiepoo in nature

What’s A Morkie Poo? Everything About This Hip Designer Breed

The Morkie Poo is a delightful designer dog breed you'll love. If there's a perfect dog out there, the Morkie Poo is pretty close to winning the title.

maltese puppy running

Maltese Chihuahua Mix: A Complete Guide To The Malchi Dog

Here is an in-depth guide to the Malchi dog, with sections on health problems, care, grooming, and temperament.

malshipoo dog

Is The Malshipoo The Right Dog Breed For You?

Is this most recent dog breed a right pick for you? Fresh guide for the future first time owners of this dog breed!

white maltipom lying outdoors

Maltipom: The Cuteness Scale Has Exploded

Maltipoms are lovely little hybrids coming from the Maltese and the Pomeranian parent. Want to see what is so special about them?