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Labrador Retriever Mixes

If you are looking for a smaller dog that has the personality of a Labrador Retriever, then a Lab mix might be for you. These smart, loyal and outgoing hybrids will undoubtedly win your heart over!

goldador puppy laying

Labrador Mixes: A Guide To 26 Different Lab Mix Breeds

By choosing any of the marvelous and loving Labrador mixes we selected for all dog fanciers today, you will certainly not go wrong!

brown german shepherd lab mix dog

German Shepherd Lab Mix: The Two Most Popular Dogs In One

A comprehensive guide to the German Sheprador; a crossbreed of the two most popular dogs in the world.

Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix

Black Mouth Cur Lab Mix: A Complete Guide To A Designer Dog

All the information and advice about care, grooming, health conditions, exercise, and the parent breeds.

large belgian malinois lab mixed dog is jumping over a large tree trunk in the forest

Belgian Malinois Lab Mix: What To Expect From A Hybrid Dog

Facts about temperament, health, grooming, training, and general care in one easy-to-understand guide.

Corgi and the Labrador are playing on the lawn

Corgi Lab Mix – The Most Loyal Crossbreed, Or A Bad Choice?

Is the Corgi Lab a good family dog, or will the Corgi genes be too strong to make this breed child-friendly? We'll answer this together.

cane corso lab mix

Cane Corso Lab Mix: A Hybrid Puppy That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

Once the world gets to know how cool they are, their popularity will rise to the sky!

dalmador dog lying on the couch near the window

Dalmatian Lab Mix: Watch Out, It Might Steal Your Heart

Can’t decide between the Dalmatian and the Labrador Retriever? We’ve got the perfect solution: explore the Dalmatian Lab mix dog breed!

jack russell lab mix

Jack Russell Lab Mix: You Will Adore The Jackador

Jack Russell Lab mix is a unique cross between two different breeds, the Jack Russell and the Labrador. Learn everything about this lovely pet in this guide.

hungarian vizsla lab mix

The Hungarian Vizsla Lab Mix Is Not For Chill And Netflix

Curious about what a Vizsla Lab mix is like? We were, too, so we thoroughly researched the topic and wrote an article for you.

Lab Catahoula Mix is lying on the grass

The Lab Catahoula Mix: Ever Heard Of The Labahoula?

The Lab Catahoula mix is a unique mixed breed dog created by crossing the Labrador with the Catahoula. This breed guide brings you all the facts about it.

lab whippet dog looking into camera

The Lab Whippet Mix, How It Looks, And What It Thinks

Lab Whippet mixes are amazing dogs for some owners but not for others. Find out which camp you belong to in this article.

happy Coonhound Lab Mix dog

Coonhound Lab Mix: A Family Dog With A Working Habit

Getting one of these dogs is only for those individuals who live an active lifestyle! Does the Coonhound Lab mix fit your lifestyle?

Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix is sitting on the floor

Everything You Need To Know About The Anatolian Shepherd Lab Mix

The Anatolian Shepherd Lab mix is a crossbreed that works as both guard and family dog. Find out if its traits fit you right here.

german shorthaired pointerlab mix

German Shorthaired Pointer Lab Mix Facts To Know

Are you looking for a sportier dog with a Lab character? Check out this German Shorthaired Pointer Lab mix and see how good of a fit it is!

german shepherd and labrador sitting next to each other

Labrador German Shepherd Mix: Meet The Glorious Sheprador

Have you ever come across a Labrador German Shepherd mix? Now's the perfect chance to learn everything about this amazing breed!