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irish wolfhound mixes

Irish Wolfhound mixes are the ideal option for every canine owner who likes the traits of two different dog breeds, but only has room for one pup. Let’s learn all about them!

puppy of breed the Irish Wolfhound sits on a green grass in the yard

23 Irish Wolfhound Mixes: Crossbreeds You’ve Got To Love

Read this article and discover some of the most unique and amazing crossbreeds in the world of canines!

Irish Wolfhound Poodle Mix dog looking at camera

Irish Wolfhound Poodle Mix: A Wolfy Doodle You Will Love

This cute mix is a cross between the purebred Irish Wolfhound and the Standard Poodle. Here’s what you need to know!

great dane irish wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound Great Dane Mix And Great Expectations

The truth about the Irish Wolfhound Great Dane mix will surprise you. Have a read to find out.

Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix lying on the bed

Meet The Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd Mix

Take a look at one of the rarest crossbreed dogs — the Irish Wolfhound German Shepherd mix and learn all about its physical traits and temperament!