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english bulldog mixes

English Bulldogs are unbelievably cute dogs, but due to their health issues, many people opt for English Bulldog mixes. They were created to preserve some of the best Bulldog features but make them live longer. Read all about them. 

English Bulldog sitting in an autumn park

44 Perfect English Bulldog Mixes That You Will Simply Adore

If you are looking for the perfect Bulldog mix, check out PupVine’s list of 44 English Bulldog mixes that will steal your heart.

bull-pug sitting on the wooden board

English Bulldog Pug Mix: An In-Depth Guide To Bull-Pugs

What you should know before choosing a Bull-Pug or Miniature English Bulldog crossbreed as a pet.

olde english bulldogge pitbull mix

OEB Pitbull Mix: The Best Guide To Care, Grooming, And Health

Find information and advice on how to care for this unique and powerful combination of two popular breeds.

Valley Bulldog stands and looks off into the distance

Meet The Valley Bulldog: Strong, Endearing, Affectionate

If you're looking for an attentive, playful, active, and loyal hybrid dog – the Valley Bulldog puppy may be the perfect breed for you!