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Dalmatian Mixes 

The Dalmatian is a very active dog recognizable by its white fur with black spots. This dog has many wonderful characteristics, and the same can be said for his mixes. Here you will find out whether these mixed dogs inherit the specific fur of the Dalmatian and its temperament.

corgi and dalmatian

A Corgi Dalmatian Mix – Why You Should (Not) Get This Crossbreed

These dogs are becoming one of the most popular crossbreeds! But, are things as good as they seem?

Golden Retriever Dalmatian Mix: Here’s What Cuteness Looks Like!

The Golden Retriever Dalmatian mix (or the Goldmatian) is the ultimate family pet. They're sweet, caring, protective, and... pawmazing!

dalusky or dalmatian husky mix

Dalmatian Husky Mix: Meet The Dalusky!

This is definitely a unique crossbreed puppy. They're stunning both personality and appearance-wise, you'll see!

dalmatian poodle mix dog

Dalmatian Poodle Mix: A Spot On Adorable Doodle!

This mix is one of the cutest Doodles out there. Would you like to find out what's hidden below that spotted fur?

pitbull dalmatian mix dog

The Pitbull Dalmatian Mix: An Intro To The Pitmatian Breed

Meet the Pitmatian, a beautiful mix that will steal your heart. Read on to find out more about this pup and his qualities!

great dane dalmatian mix

All You Need To Know About The Great Dane Dalmatian Mix

The Great Dane Dalmatian mix is a canine that offers numerous qualities. This article reveals all about these gentle giants.

dalmador dog lying on the couch near the window

Dalmatian Lab Mix: Watch Out, It Might Steal Your Heart

Can’t decide between the Dalmatian and the Labrador Retriever? We’ve got the perfect solution: explore the Dalmatian Lab mix dog breed!