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Breeders crossed a Boxer dog with some other equally great dog breeds to gain mixed dogs that will have the best of both of its parents. Check these unique mixed dogs – they are outgoing, active, and friendly.

brindle boxer dog on the beach

50 Boxer Mixes: Unique Boxer Cross Breeds You Didn’t Know Existed

Cross breeding Boxers with other dog breeds results in fun-loving, intelligent, and loyal family dogs. Here are some of those popular mixes.

corgi boxer mix

Corgi Boxer Mix: A Great Hunter Or An Adorable Family Pup?

Check out this article and find out what happens when you cross a fierce hunting dog with a great family dog!

cane corso boxer mix

Cane Corso Boxer Mix – Is This Crossbreed Dangerous?

Is this mix dangerous, or does he make a great family pet? Here's everything you need to know!

Boxer Great Dane Mix dog sitting outside

Boxer Great Dane Mix: A Goofball, Yet A Serious Guard Dog

The Boxer Great Dane mix is a great addition to any type of family! Find out more about this goofball of a dog in this article!

Valley Bulldog stands and looks off into the distance

Meet The Valley Bulldog: Strong, Endearing, Affectionate

If you're looking for an attentive, playful, active, and loyal hybrid dog – the Valley Bulldog puppy may be the perfect breed for you!