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australian shepherd mixes

Australian Shepherd mixes are getting more and more popular these days. The Australian Shepherd is a dog with many quality traits and combined with other breeds, it levels up a quality trait game. Find more about these mixed-breed dogs.

australian shepherd

23 Australian Shepherd Mixes: Meet Cute Aussie Dog Breeds

Get to know 23 beloved Australian Shepherd mixes up close. Explore more about behavior, care and nature of these endearing dog breeds.

a jack russel aussie shepherd mix dog standing on the cut wood in the forest

Jack Russell – Australian Shepherd Mix: Is This The Dog For You?

A Jack Russell - Australian Shepherd Mix is proof that two different dogs can make an amazing puppy. You should check this out before getting one.

cute corgi australian shepherd mixed dog inside the livingroom

Australian Shepherd Corgi Mix – The Ultimate Herding Dog

Does the Australian Shepherd Corgi mix make a good pet, or are they troublesome to keep? Here's what you need to know about this crossbreed!

a mixed dog of german shepherd and australian shepherd standing in the autumn forest

German Shepherd Australian Shepherd Mix: A Complete Guide

All the breed information you need to care for your German Aussie Shepherd designer dog.

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler sitting outside

Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix: All The Important Features

Wondering whether the Australian Shepherd Blue Heeler Mix is the dog for you? Read this article and find out all you need to know about this hybrid dog!

australian shepherd rottweiler mix

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler Mix: Beauty And Brawn

Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix is definitely one unique puppy that will amaze you with its fine temperament and good looks.

Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix

Is A Great Pyrenees Australian Shepherd Mix A Thing?

Do not be confused by its long name. If you’re an outgoing person, then the Great Pyrenees Australian shepherd mix is your choice!

australian shepherd beagle mix

Have A Merry Australian Shepherd Beagle Mix — It’s Bark Time

Meet the Sheagle — the Australian Shepherd Beagle mix dog and find out all about its health, appearance, temperament, and the average price!

Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix standing in the garden

The Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Guide

Everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever mix. A guide on this adorable breed is just one click away.

Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix walking on grass

The Truth About The Australian Shepherd Dachshund Mix

Learn the truth about owning the Australian Shepherd Dachshund mix and read about its physical and mental traits, and health problems!

pitbull australian shepherd mix

Pitbull Australian Shepherd Mix: Meeting Your New Buddy

Pitbull Australian Shepherd mix is a lovely crossbreed with a temperament that will surprise you. These pups are truly extra!

Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mix dog sitting on dock

Is The Australian Shepherd Chihuahua Mix A Myth Or A Reality?

The Australian Shepherd Chihuahua mix is such an unusual combination of two purebred canines that they almost seem unreal.

australian shepherd bernese mountain dog mix

A Guide On The Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Everything you need to know about the Australian Shepherd Bernese Mountain dog mix is in one place. All you need to do is click on this link.

catahoula australian shepherd mix dog

The Catahoula Australian Shepherd Mix: A Hardworking Beauty

If you're looking for an active, playful, and loyal hybrid dog – the Catahoula Australian Shepherd mix is the perfect dog for you!