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Poor Dog Was Stuck In A Concrete Pit Until Somebody Finally Noticed And Came To Help

Poor Dog Was Stuck In A Concrete Pit Until Somebody Finally Noticed And Came To Help

One day, a woman was walking down the street, when all of a sudden, she heard a dog hysterically barking nearby. 

Hearing the sense of urgency in the bark, the woman ran towards it, only to find a desperate pooch stuck in a large concrete pit without a way out. 

It was a very desolate area with not much going on around, so it seemed like the Good Samaritan was at the right place and at the right time. 

This woman didn’t know how long this poor dog had been stuck there, but one thing was pretty obvious – she was terrified and needed help urgently. 

Rescuing A Dog From The Concrete Prison 

The dog likely hadn’t eaten anything for a while, so the woman quickly planned a rescue mission. 

She ran home to grab some food and a leash, and raced back to the concrete pit where the dog was still stuck, waiting to be rescued. 

This ‘concrete prison’ appeared to be the foundation of a house that was never finished, and somehow this poor dog fell into it, unable to find a way out. 

The white-and-brown-spotted dog continued to frantically bark, but as soon as the woman jumped down into the pit, she nervously backed herself into a wall. 

She was so terrified and untrusting that it made the woman’s heart break. The poor pooch was shaking violently out of fear and then she continued to bark again at the woman, unaware of her intentions to help. 

The kind woman tried to give her some food to slowly gain her trust. That seemed to do the trick because the starving dog immediately came closer to the woman so she could eat the food. 

Once the pooch was close enough, the woman swiftly clipped the leash onto her collar. 

The dog was so preoccupied with the delicious food that it distracted her from being scared or even noticing the leash. 

She even let her new human friend pet her. Since she gained the dog’s trust, it was time to get her out of the ‘concrete prison’. 

The Incredible Revelation 

The woman slowly lifted the dog out of the pit and then climbed the wall after her. Once they were out, the dog was still a bit hesitant to follow the stranger, but was eventually persuaded by the food that was offered as a bribe. 

She then brought the dog to the vet clinic to get her checked out, but was met with a wonderful surprise. 

The dog luckily had a microchip and they were able to locate her family. It turned out that she had been missing for three days and her family was desperate to find her. 

If it weren’t for this kind-hearted woman, who knows if they would have ever found their precious dog. Thanks to her, this beautiful pooch is back with her loving owners. 

This only shows the importance of having your pet microchipped because, as you can see from this story, it can play a crucial role in reuniting owners with their beloved pet.