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This Poor Dog Was Tied To A Chain For 7 Years Before Finally Being Rescued

This Poor Dog Was Tied To A Chain For 7 Years Before Finally Being Rescued

If there is one thing I will never understand about other dog owners, it’s how some of them can keep them chained every day, all the time.

Dogs are social animals and require stimulation, so keeping them tied to their small house pretty much 24/7 is just animal cruelty.

In this story, we will talk about a poor dog who spent 7 years of his life tied to a chain before he was finally saved by wonderful rescuers.

A Depressing Sight

When rescuers were notified about a malnourished dog who spent his entire life chained, they were horrified, and they rushed to save him.

Upon seeing him for the first time, it was just really depressing. He was so skinny that he could barely move anywhere and he had a shovel as a bowl for food.

The dog was very afraid of them and didn’t like that they were intruding on his own property.

He was genuinely upset and just wanted them to leave the place, but his rescuers just wanted to help him.

After trying to get him to relax for at least two hours, he finally settled down a bit. They gave him some food and he was really happy to eat it.

It was at that moment that the poor dog realized that these people were just there to help him.

They had to take him to a veterinarian as he had a lot of problems, but the owner was unwilling to let him go unless they paid a certain sum of money.

A Slow, But Hopeful Recovery

The rescuers agreed to this and just took him. The poor dog took one final look at his owner and just felt sad because he didn’t know what was going to happen.

At the veterinarian clinic, it was quickly established that he was anemic and severely malnourished.

Another problem was that he was infested with ticks, so it was going to be a long recovery for him.

His rescuers gave him a nice, warm bath and they noticed that he was crying the whole time.

He never really felt what it was like to be loved and cared for, so he was a bit relieved to finally know what it was like.

The dog also received a blood transfusion and the vets made sure to put him on fluids, which would significantly speed up his recovery process.

Even with all of this, it still took him at least three months to recover. But, the progress was visible. He gained all of his hair and weight back and was finally looking healthy.

His mood was improving day by day, and he finally wanted to play outside and explore. The rescuers made sure to take him out in the yard to play and he was just so happy.

It was a brand-new world for him that he never got to experience before, so everything was great for him.

Despite spending 7 years in the harshest conditions imaginable, this sweet dog, now named Black, gets to finally experience the wonders of life, thanks to his rescuers.

Even though he might not yet be adopted, it’s only a matter of time before some family comes and takes him to his forever home.