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This Poor Dog Ate Nothing But Leaves To Survive, Hoping To Find Help Soon

This Poor Dog Ate Nothing But Leaves To Survive, Hoping To Find Help Soon

When a group of people saw a little puppy roaming the forest and drinking dirty water, they felt deeply saddened. They knew they had to help the little guy right away.

Since the canine couldn’t find any food, he was forced to eat leaves to satiate his hunger. His leg was injured and he was limping.

The people assumed that he must have wandered away from his home. They saw him walking through the forest without knowing where to go. He couldn’t find his way back. 

He Isn’t Alone Anymore

grey dog in a forest
Source: Animal Rescue

The Good Samaritans could only imagine how scared he must have felt while spending his nights all alone in the forest. They couldn’t wait to catch him and take him somewhere safe.

The pooch deserved to sleep in a real bed, surrounded by a loving family who would give him all their love. 

At first, the puppy didn’t let the people approach him. He became even more frightened and ran away. 

grey puppy stranded in a forest
Source: Animal Rescue

His heroes didn’t give up, and they started following him. They were talking to him and telling him they would help him. 

The adorable dog was too weak to continue on his own.

After realizing that the people were making great efforts to help him, he decided to put all his faith in them. The good humans’ hearts melted when they saw that the little boi was approaching them.

They didn’t want to scare him away and they kept telling him that things were going to get better. They picked him up and cuddled him carefully because his body was covered in scratches.

The lovely pooch appreciated the gentle touch of their hands. He felt safe.

Puppy Appreciates The Help And Love He Received

grey puppy and vet
Source: Animal Rescue

The dog’s rescuers drove him to the clinic and the sweet canine underwent a thorough medical checkup.

The clinic staff fed him and he munched on the delicious food. It was the pup’s first real meal in days.

The vets carefully cleaned his wounds. They gave him the necessary medication and the puppy started feeling much better. He was estimated to be around two months old.

The puppy was smitten with the kindness of the vets and his rescuers. His beautiful brown eyes sparkled with love and gratitude.

His caregivers took excellent care of him and they often snuggled with the irresistible pup. He was very playful and energetic, and his tail wagged constantly.

The Sweet Life He Always Dreamed Of

skinny grey puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

The adorable pup was ready to start a new life, and his human friends found him a great family very soon. As soon as he met his forever family, the wonderful canine felt immensely happy. He immediately stole the hearts of his family.

The puppy’s greatest dream came true. His parents adored him and he felt that he had found his happily-ever-after.

He had a loving family who would tuck him in a warm bed and kiss him good night. The lonely and unhappy life in the forest was behind him. From now on, he will only know happiness and joy.

We’re thrilled that the little pup got the happy ending he always deserved.