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Poodle is one of the most wide-spread dog breeds out there, mainly due to its hypoallergenic coat and specific appearance. Here you can find all the articles about your favorite doggie!

The Merle Poodle: What Lies Behind This Dog Breed

A merle poodle is a unique type of poodle with many controversies. Here's how we've cracked the code and found out all about merles.

phantom black poodle standing in the dark

Phantom Poodle – The Color And Beyond

All the facts you need to know about a Phantom Poodle are right here in one place. Is this the perfect dog for you and your family? Find out right now.

two poodles on the grass

Do Poodles Shed? The Truth About Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Do these doggies shed, and are they good for people with allergies? If you're interested in these types of questions, you're in the right spot!

apricot poodle lies in the grass

Moyen Poodles – 14 Questions Answered About These Curly Furballs

Is this a new, fancy crossbreed or a different Poodle species? Here are the answers to all of your questions about Moyen Poodles!

Standard Parti Poodle in a park

Parti Poodle: A Fun Version Of The Standard Poodle Or A Breed On Its Own?

Get to know the unique parti Poodle and learn everything that comes with this dog breed. You'd be surprised to hear how cool they are!

standard phantom poodle sticking out its togue while sitting

Standard Phantom Poodle Colors – Why Are These Dogs So Rare?

A standard phantom is undoubtedly one of the more unique Poodle patterns. What makes this color so rare, and how are they bred?

beautiful Black Poodle in nature

Black Poodle: Exploring Popular And Rare Poodle Coat Colors

Here is all the information you need about the different Poodle coat colors, with a special focus on the black Poodle.

small gray poodle dog

Blue Poodle: What’s So Special About These Pooches?

The blue is a gorgeous color variation, but what makes these Poodles so special? Let's find out!

Cute Toy Poodle lying on bed

The Red Poodle: Here’s Why People Are Crazy About Them

The Red Poodle is a rare Poodle color that's getting more attention lately. Come and check out what all the fuss is about!

poodle standing outdoor

Poodle Colors: 35 Poodle Coat Colors And Genetics Explained

How many Poodle colors are there? These doggies come in all sorts of coat colors – we have counted 35! Let's learn more about them!

Black toy poodle standing on the grass in the garden

Black Toy Poodle: An Honest Guide To The Tiny Teddy Bear Dog

Find all the information you need about this tiny teddy bear dog in our honest guide to the black Toy Poodle.

grooming poodle

28 Poodle Haircuts That Will Make Your Pet Even Sweeter!

Find the most amazing, Hollywood-like hairstyles for Poodles that'll help your pet stand out from the crowd!

beautiful white poodle mixed dog is sitting in a field of dandelions

25 Best Poodle Mixes: Cuteness Alert

If you have ever wondered what some Poodle crossbreeds look like, you’re in luck because we prepared a list of 25 of the most popular ones.

Poodle sitting and waiting for food

Poodle Feeding Chart: Maintaining The Ideal Weight

This feeding chart is here to help guide us through the proper diet for Poodle dogs. Here are all the dos and don’ts!

giant poodle

Does The Giant Poodle Qualify As A Breed?

Have you always wondered whether a giant Poodle is an independent breed or not? Learn everything about this charming canine!

A poodle is standing on the lawn

Poodle Tail Docking Depends On The Style You’re Rocking

Poodle tail docking explained: pros and cons, history, tradition and more. Don’t be shy, have a read.

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🐾 Sable Poodle: Everything You Need To Know

🐾 Bald Poodle: Explanation And Useful Advice