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Police Officer Couldn’t Believe What He Found In A Small Box Near The Road

Police Officer Couldn’t Believe What He Found In A Small Box Near The Road

There are many instances where you see a rescuer or a kind person save a stray puppy from living on the horrible streets.

However, what is difficult to realize about that is just how hard those rescues are, and not every stray dog will get rescued.

Much of the time, they won’t get saved. For this story, however, we will talk about a police officer who stumbled upon a box near the road and went to check it out only to find something in it.

A Very Hot Day

It was a very hot day in Georgia when Deputy Earl Hanners stumbled upon something unusual next to the road.

He decided to check it out. It was a small box that was just lying there. He looked inside and realized there was a puppy in it.

It was a pretty hot day, so he was shocked to see that someone had just left her there like that.

Hanners told The Dodo: “She was in a cardboard box and it was closed in. A passerby saw the box and stopped, and saw there was a puppy in it. So he opened up the box and laid it on the side and got some water for it, then called 911.

But, there was a problem. Hanners had to go because he was on duty about a car accident, so he let other people help her.

However, Hanners wanted to go back and help her, so he did at the first opportunity he had.

He said: “I told the guy … to cancel animal control. I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.

Bridget’s New Chapter In Life

Hanners went back for her and took the dog, now named Bridget, to his car. It was time for her to go into a new home.

While she was there, he gave her a lot of food and water, and she seemed to relax in Hanners presence.

Now that she was with him, he didn’t want to leave her, so he decided to adopt her himself.

She was now joining a new and a big family, as Hanners was known for rescuing and fostering dogs from an organization called Hounds in Pounds.

Before he introduced her to the family, he took her to a veterinarian in Georgia to get her checked up and give her vaccinations.

After that, he welcomed her right in. She fit in with all the other dogs wonderfully, and is having the time of her life with her new family.

Hanners said: “We just introduced her to the other dogs in the house last night. It just takes a day or two of watching, and they blend right into the pack.

It’s so amazing to see people like Earl Hanners, who dedicated his life to not only helping people, but also any animal in need. His kindness is an example we should all learn from.