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Police Department Adopts A Puppy After Rescuing Her From A Snow Storm 

Police Department Adopts A Puppy After Rescuing Her From A Snow Storm 

A New York snowstorm can be really harsh and terrifying for everyone, but especially for those helpless animals that find themselves on the street. 

Without proper shelter, food, and care, many, unfortunately, don’t make it through the winter. 

For a little black-and-white-spotted puppy – now named Paddy – this fortunately was not the case. Not only did she survive the snowstorm, but she ended up landing the forever home of her dreams. 

Paddy’s Rescue Story 

dog in a police department
Source: Youtube

In January 2024, the city of Hamburg, New York, was hit with two back-to-back, lake-effect snowstorms with snowfall rates of 3+ inches per hour and freezing temperatures. 

The mother of one of the Hamburg Police Department officers found Paddy outside during the snowstorm. Little Paddy was freezing, and her neck was roughed up from being out in the cold.

So, she brought her to the police station, which is known for taking care of lost and abandoned animals. 

“I didn’t want to take her to the pound. I figured that the owner would come forward. We usually post these things on social media and the owner comes forward very quick,” Lieutenant John Baker told WKBW TV

However, no one claimed this adorable little girl, and the officers started to wonder what to do. 

dog sitting in police department
Source: @paddy_thpd

“We take in stray dogs all the time. We always say ‘Oh, this is the new station house dog’ and then it quickly moves on to the owner whoever claims it. So it was always something we’ve been talking about a little bit and then when she came here, the joke kind of morphed into, ‘No, this is serious and she’s gonna stay here’,” Baker added. 

Paddy arrived at the station just at the right time, so when no one came forward to claim this adorable little girl, the officers took it as a sign that it was meant to be. 

“She entered our world and she obviously entered our world at a certain time and a place for a reason,” Sean Crotty, Hamburg Emergency Manager, said.

Paddy is now officially a part of the Town of Hamburg Police and Town of Hamburg Emergency Services. 

Paddy, The Rookie 

man holding a dog on himself while working on computer
Source: @paddy_thpd

The moment Paddy entered the police station as a stray, everyone fell in love with her.

Paddy is short for Paddy Wagon, and she is not a K9 nor a service animal, but the officers like to joke that they have a new rookie in the house. 

“We kind of thought if a fire station can have a Dalmatian then why can’t we have a Rescue? It’s an idea we have been looking at for a long time and her love of our officers and dispatchers just kinda seemed like the right fit,” Town of Hamburg Police wrote in their Facebook post.   

Paddy is a very energetic and compassionate puppy, which is exactly what this station needed. 

“She brings a smile to everyone’s face,” Lieutenant John Baker said.

dog on a leash with flower
Source: @paddy_thpd

These officers deal with a lot of tough situations on a daily basis, so to have something that instantly brings a smile to their faces with just its presence is truly priceless. 

Paddy is a great morale booster, and she helps the mental health of the people working there. 

“We give her the very simplest, basic place to live in a good home and she gives us so much more in return,” Officer Crotty said. 

Paddy is already the star of the town, and she even has her own Instagram page, so feel free to follow her sweet adventures there.