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Plumber From Ohio Noticed A Feathery Animal Near A Garage Door And Went To Investigate It

Plumber From Ohio Noticed A Feathery Animal Near A Garage Door And Went To Investigate It

Sometimes, while getting ready for work, you think that your day will be the same as it has always been and that nothing out of the ordinary will happen, but then you come across the most unusual thing.

A service plumber, Trevor Hayes, spends his working hours visiting clients and helping them in any way he can. However, one of his workdays took an unusual turn.

When he was heading to a customer’s home to work on some plumbing, he noticed a feathery brown ball near a garage door two houses down.

Getting a better look, Hayes was completely taken aback.

Strange Discovery

At first, he didn’t really know what he was looking at, but when the feathery ball turned around and looked at him, he knew that his help was needed there, too.

“It was just staring at me and didn’t look like it was doing good,” Hayes told The Dodo.

It didn’t take too long for Hayes to realize what he was looking at.

“I knew it was an owl right away. I’m pretty familiar with the wildlife around here, but it was odd seeing the owl in broad daylight, especially in front of someone’s garage on the ground,” Hayes said.

Thinking that the owl was just lost and a bit confused, he decided to give it time to recollect itself and went to do his job. However, when he finished, he went back and was completely heartbroken when he saw that the owl was still there.

“I figured I should probably do something, so I knocked on the homeowner’s door but didn’t receive an answer,” Hayes said.

Rescue Mission 

Knowing that an expert would handle the situation the best, he contacted RAPTOR Inc., a bird rehabilitation center based in Milford, Ohio. The incredible staff gave Hayes clear instructions on how to safely capture the poor bird.

Hayes went to get a box, thick gloves, as well as a drop cloth and returned determined to help. Soon, the adorable bird was comfortable in the box with Hayes and on his way to RAPTOR Inc.

The staff met the duo with open hands and provided the owl with the best care, ever, making sure that it had everything it needed to recover in no time.

“They said the owl is doing great,” Hayes stated.

According to Hayes, the beautiful owl was later moved into a larger enclosure at the Milford rescue and is expected to be released back into nature very soon.

Everybody is super excited for this incredible guy to be flying in the starry sky once more, living his best life once again.