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Playful Puppy Leila Proves Soft Dog Crates Are Not As Good As You Might Think

Playful Puppy Leila Proves Soft Dog Crates Are Not As Good As You Might Think

What’s that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Did Superman come to Illinois?

No, it’s super Leila and her new soft crate!

The pup’s been zooming around, going back and forth. Would someone stop her?

Buying that soft crate wasn’t a good idea after all…

Leila Loves Her Soft Crate

sweet playful dog
Source: Instagram

Every dog owner loves finding out about new canine gadgets, improvements, and things that just ease the life of dogs. Personally, I love investing in things for my dogs and spoiling them. A young dog owner from Illinois apparently loves doing the same thing.

Meet Kaylie Devlin and her dog, Leila. The gorgeous Chocolate Lab has been with Kaylie since her early puppyhood. The two girls bonded quickly, and it was clear to everyone that Leila was one good pooch, full of love and understanding.

On one occasion, when Leila was only four months old, Kaylie bought a rather nifty thing: a soft crate.

“We bought the soft crate because it was easier to travel with due to its size, but quickly learned she needed to be crate-trained first,” Devlin told Newsweek.

The idea of soft crates sounds pretty good. It’s soft, comfy, and much easier than regular crates. 

Well, when it comes to Leila and crates, the idea turned out to be the opposite of what everyone expected.

As soon as Kaylie introduced Leila to the soft crate, the young pup started zooming around, rolling inside of it, and rushing through the backyard like a Tasmanian devil. Kaylie ran after her like crazy, trying to stop the madness.

“We first made sure she was OK, but she was clearly having the time of her life. So we laughed and got her out of it right after she calmed down enough for us to grab it. I shared it because I love giving our audience laughs and smiles. Everyone seems to love it, which makes me happy,” added Kaylie.

Leila was pawfectly fine. No harm done. But, she did give everyone quite a laugh. 

Looks like soft crates guarantee something else other than keeping the dog safe in one place: a good laugh!

Leila The Superstar Dog

happy dog running
Source: Instagram

Several years have passed by, and Leila is now okay with soft crates. She tolerates being inside them, but she very much prefers being out and about, competing in professional dog sports. 

As Leila was gorwing up, her owner, Kailey, noticed the playful pup was a natural when it came to sports. She loves spending time outside, chasing squirrels and bunnies, swimming, or playing with her toys. 

But, being a superstar dog in dock diving, barn hunting, fast cat, and updog frisbee are Leila’s absolute favorite things to do. She’s got numerous titles and impressive records that made this lovely Chocolate Lab girl the dog of the year.

Yeah, you read that right: Leila was declared as the Labrador Retriever of the year 2023, according to Fi Dog Awards, for her extraordinary accomplishments and for being the bestest girl!

Did she outgrow her soft crate? Yes, but she became a legend, thanks to her hilarious first encounter with one.