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This Pittie’s Favorite Person In The World Isn’t Her Mom, It’s Her Grandma

This Pittie’s Favorite Person In The World Isn’t Her Mom, It’s Her Grandma

Haven’t we all found a safe haven in our grandparents’ laps at some point? I mean, wasn’t that just the coziest, most protected place in the world, ever?

Well, I know Zoe would definitely say “Yes!” 

This silly little Pittie girl from Atlanta isn’t particularly picky, except when it comes to people. For her, there is one and only one person in the world that she’s absolutely head over heels for – and that’s her granny!

“The World Revolves Around My Granny,’’ Says Zoe

Don’t get me wrong – Zoe’s love for her momma, Raven, is absolutely undeniable. But, what she has with her granny is just unmeasurable.  

“I definitely think that Zoe prefers Grandma over me,” Raven told The Dodo.

When the two are together, everything else ceases to exist for Zoe. She doesn’t listen to her Raven anymore, nor does she care that much at all. From that moment on – all that matters is her granny’s lap!

There are times when Raven tries to take this chunky little princess for a walk (which Zoe hates most of the time – as she prefers lying around and getting treats), but she has no success.

Then comes grandma!

“She refuses to walk whenever I take her outside. But when Zoe is with her Grandma, she’s a completely different dog,” says Raven.

Zoe turns into this brand-new, obedient, well-behaved, and (at times) the most trained doggo around Raven’s mom. For some reason, she’s utterly drawn to Raven’s mom and loves spending every minute next to her. 

And, her grandma reciprocates, too! She’s there whenever Zoe needs protection from her momma “scolding her” for demanding too many treats (especially cookies). 

Grandma always finds a well-thought-out explanation for why Zoe should get some food. Or, why it is perfectly fine for her to have some treats. The ultimate grandma stamp, indeed!

The “grandma’s around” sign that Zoe’s famous for is her pawdorable, yet silliest side-eye!

“Zoe loves giving me a side-eye when she’s with Grandma. Just kind of like I’m interrupting their little party,” says her momma.

She just knows how to signal her mom that “now’s not the time for the Zoe-Granny cuddle session to interrupt.” And, she does it with such a hauntingly cute style!

Okay, Momma, You’re Good To Go, Too

Okay, things aren’t as exclusive as they might seem. Of course, granny’s number one, but Raven is in the picture, too!

After all, she’s Zoe’s momma who loves her endlessly, and this Pittie girl knows it. She absolutely enjoys her Atlanta home, and if she could choose, I know that she wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Raven is just so happy to have one more person who loves Zoe like she does. Given that her doggo is a Pitbull, seeing Zoe receive all the love (and break all the stereotypes with her sweetness) is just precious.

Thanks to Zoe’s special relationship with her grandmother, thousands of people all over the world are learning about how good of companions and cute lovebugs Pitties can be.

And, Zoe is definitely one of the biggest!