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Pittie’s Eyes Were Filled With Love Upon Meeting His Baby Sister, Now They Are Inseparable

Pittie’s Eyes Were Filled With Love Upon Meeting His Baby Sister, Now They Are Inseparable

Everyone knows about the common misconceptions and prejudices that surround Pitbulls, but Nova, a sweet and affectionate blue-nose Pittie, has proven that love knows no breed boundaries. 

This sweet boy is a true example of the gentle and nurturing side of these often misunderstood dogs. 

Nova fell in love with his baby sister even before she was born, but the moment he met her for the first time, his expressive eyes filled with pure and undeniable love. 

Meeting The Tiny Human

From the very start, Nova’s owners had no doubt that he would be the best big brother ever because ever since he entered their lives, he’s been nothing but a loving and well-behaved pup. 

“I always knew Nova would be an amazing big brother, because when he first came into our lives as a puppy, he’s been the most loving, silly, playful, curious, protective, and loyal dog ever,” Kayla, Nova’s mom, told The Dodo

He also adores his smaller furry brother, Teddy. Nova has been nothing but gentle and cuddly with him since they first met. 

“Teddy is shyer than Nova and prefers to stay by himself, but Nova never gives up on trying to play with him! Nova’s relationship with Teddy showed me just how much love he has to give, so I knew he would be an amazing big brother,” Kayla said. 

The moment they found out they were pregnant with a baby girl, Nova became incredibly attached to his mom, showering her with his love and refusing to leave her side. 

pit bull leaning on pregnant woman's stomach
Source: The Dodo

He loved to sleep on his mom’s belly, comforted by the rhythm of the baby’s heartbeat. 

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, he would lay right up against my stomach. He always had to be curled up in bed with us, no matter what. It’s like he could sense my daughter in there,” Nova’s mom recalled. 

Nova was so excited to meet his baby sister and shower her with love. 

Although they were certain he would be an amazing big brother, his owners were still curious to see him interact with the baby for the very first time. 

The Best Big Brother 

It’s safe to say that Nova did not disappoint. His adorable reaction was simply priceless. 

“His eyes got so big, and he was immediately sniffing her. He was so excited, but at the same time, he automatically knew to be gentle and cautious around her,” the mom said. 

That was just the beginning of a great friendship between the two. 

Now, they are inseparable. Whenever Liliana cries, Nova instinctively rushes to her side to check up on her and see what is wrong. 

He has seamlessly assumed the roles of her big brother and loyal protector, and a best friend for life. 

man holding a baby next to a pit bull
Source: The Dodo

“He’s so protective of her, and she gives him love right back. Liliana loves to try to pet him, and he really seems to enjoy these tiny head scratches from her,” Kayla said. 

Nova’s gentle demeanor and behavior are also a huge testament to his owners and their upbringing. 

Big dogs, including Pitbulls like Nova, can make perfect pets with the right training and genuine love. 

“I’m so grateful to see my dogs be amazing big brothers to Liliana. I’m just so happy she gets to grow up surrounded by all of this love,” mom said. 

Nova has since become a big brother to another baby boy, and their first meeting did not disappoint either. 

He was so calm, his eyes soft and full of love – absolutely adorable. 

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