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Heartbroken Pitties Comfort Each Other After Losing Their Dad In A Hiking Accident

Heartbroken Pitties Comfort Each Other After Losing Their Dad In A Hiking Accident

No person can replace a dog’s owner, and that day – Tonka and Little P were left heartbroken!

These two amazing Pitties lost their best friend in the world – their hooman, Kris, on a tragic hiking trip in Colorado. After losing his footing on a cliff, Kris and his dogs ended up at the bottom of the canyon.

The dogs miraculously survived the fall, but their hearts broke into a million pieces after realizing that their owner wasn’t coming back. For the first time in years, Tonka and his brother, Little P, were alone, comforting each other and hoping for the best.

Tragic Loss

two pitties outdoor
Source: Mr. Bones & Co.

For Kris, his dogs, Tonka and Little P, were his family. The three didn’t know life without each other, and they made sure to spend every single day together. The trio lived life filled with adventures and laughs, but one fatal trip changed everything.

The three took a hiking trip to Colorado, together with Kris’ friend, Mark, when they found themselves lost for two days. 

In the attempt to descend to the canyon to get some water, Kris accidentally slipped and he and his dogs tumbled to the bottom. He lost his life on impact, and the dogs got multiple fractures and injuries.

“During the descent, with Kris holding onto TONKA and LITTLE P beside him, he lost his footing and stumbled trying to pull his dogs to safety. All three of them fell to the bottom of the canyon,” Mr. Bones & Co. wrote on Facebook.

After the tragic accident, the dogs were transferred to a local shelter in Colorado, but Kris’ friend, Mark, intervened. He did everything in his power to get the dogs to Kris’ family in New York, as he couldn’t stand the idea of leaving them.

When they learned their sad story, the organization, Mr. Bones & Co. stepped in and offered to help Little P and Tonka, as Kris’ parents couldn’t take care of their surgeries alone. This team immediately took over and made sure the dogs got the best care possible.

Kris’s cousin, Crysti, and her family, offered to foster Little P after surgery, while Tonka was sent to a different foster home. Even though it was the first time ever for Tonka and Little P to be apart, they needed separate homes until they finally got better.

The Road To Recovery

It was a long road full of ups and downs, but Little P and Tonka were fighters! Despite their age, both dogs did amazingly in their recovery process.

Little by little, they were finally able to walk again, even though their hearts were still broken. They missed Kris and their old life so much!

Tonka, being a vocal dog, expressed emotions through howling, which looked like his own way of communicating with his deceased owner. In a way, he looked as if he was trying to reach out to him vocally whenever he felt alone and in need of a cuddle.

It was hard for him to be without Little P, but Crysti knew that the day of their reunion would soon come.

Once the dogs finally got better, the Mr. Bones & Co. team announced that they were finally up for adoption. And, then – a miracle happened!

In just a few days, Tonka and Little P received more than 200 applications from all over the country! Everybody wanted to take these two sweethearts to their home after hearing their tragic story, which showed how much of an impact their story had.

The team had a tough job during the screening process, but eventually, they found the perfect home for Tonka and his little brother. 

Off To A Pawfect Home

The couple, Brandon and Heilea, were first in line to adopt the bois. On their adoption day, Little P and Tonka finally met – and they couldn’t be happier!

“We are ecstatic to tell the world  that TONKA and LITTLE P are HOME with new, wonderful, parents Heilea and Brandon,” the Mr. Bones & Co. team wrote on Facebook.

Their family and friends showed up to see them off to a new home, and then the most magical thing happened!

Tonka started howling, and then Little P chimed in. The whole scene looked like both dogs were singing out in Kris’ honor, telling him that they are finally going to be okay forever.

That day, Tonka and his brother embarked on a brand-new journey with their new family, starting a wonderful life together. After so much time, they finally found hoomans to love them like Kris did. 

The couple made sure to give the dogs the exact same lifestyle they had with their late owner, and they couldn’t be happier. They went on hikes, traveled together, and made so many memories along the way.

Sadly, after spending a wonderful life in the new home, the Pittie, Tonka, crossed the rainbow bridge. The family was heartbroken to lose their sweet boi, but they were so grateful for being able to provide him with spectacular final years.

“You were such a loving big brother. If dogs held BROADWAY musicals your name would be in flashing lights. Cheeky and fully of theatrics. Most importantly, you were family,” his owners wrote in an Instagram post.

There’s no doubt that Little P and the rest of the family will miss him, but one thing’s for sure – he will always be in their hearts. And, Little P will never forget his older brother!