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Pittie Suffering From Mange Makes An Amazing Transformation Thanks To Her Amazing Foster Mom

Pittie Suffering From Mange Makes An Amazing Transformation Thanks To Her Amazing Foster Mom

Before Roo was first found by her amazing rescuers, her life as a stray dog was incredibly difficult and exhausting. 

She would struggle from day to day, never knowing what happened next, and sleeping everywhere meant that she developed serious skin problems.

Roo ended up with mange, which made her fur scabby. There wasn’t much she could do about it without help, but she persevered.

Suddenly, her luck would change when she saw some rescuers from North Carolina stopping to take her to a shelter where she would be safe.

Roo’s New Foster

ill dog laying down
Source: The Dodo

When Veronica heard about Roo’s story, she immediately thought that it would be a good idea if she fostered this sweet pittie, so she went to the shelter in North Carolina and decided to take her in.

Her new foster mom immediately noticed something strange about her. She would often crawl on the ground, which was not usual for any dog really.

Veronica told The Dodo: “She was actually pretty timid and shy at first. She wasn’t quite sure about making eye contact, but you could still tell that she was curious and wanted attention.

In order to help Roo adapt to living a normal life, she wanted to slowly integrate her into being with her foster family.

She would have her meet the other dog, Riot, while he was in his kennel. Their interaction was minimal because Veronica didn’t want to do anything to upset Roo.

sick brown dog
Source: The Dodo

One thing she also noticed was that this sweet pittie was happy to meet Riot; her tail was wagging the whole time, which was a good sign.

For the next few days, she would let them slowly start playing in the yard while in her company. While they didn’t immediately respond to this, Veronica was glad that Roo was making progress.

She said: “She had mange, and it had developed to a point where her skin was really scabby. She was also really skinny.”

Because of this, Veronica had to give her medicated baths every few days, and her diet also had to be improved so she would gain some weight.

Roo Has Changed Completely

two dogs with rabbit cosplay
Source: The Dodo

After a few weeks, there was clear and visible progress. Roo was changing for the better fast, and her foster mom was so happy for her.

Roo also demanded a lot of pets and cuddles from Veronica, which was a good sign that she loved her so much.

It also helped that this adorable pittie was making friends with Riot and they are now playing a lot more often.

Riot would teach Roo a lot about how to behave like a dog, as she was still a bit timid and shy. They were such good friends.

Because she loves hopping around like a kangaroo and making sounds like a rooster, Veronica understood why her name is so fitting.

couple and brown dog
Source: The Dodo

She is so sweet, and all she needed was some time to adjust to her new life. However, now that she was doing well, it was time to place her on an adoption list.

Veronica said: “A few days ago, she went to her forever home. They love her and are a really good fit for her.

She is really sad that she won’t see Roo anymore, but she is also incredibly happy to see that she has found such an amazing family who will always love her.