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Pittie Loses The ‘Baby Of The Family’ Title Once He Becomes A Big Brother

Pittie Loses The ‘Baby Of The Family’ Title Once He Becomes A Big Brother

Have you ever heard of FOMO – the syndrome known as the Fear of Missing Out? This is majorly the case in family dogs that can’t imagine life without people (or dogs) they love and are used to.

Take Taz, for example!

This pawdorable Pittie from New York just can’t stand being away for a second from his doggo sibling, the other Pittie named Bones. 

With his clingy nature and just the silliest reaction whenever he’s apart from Bones, Taz is known to be “the baby of the family.” But, all that suddenly changed once an actual, hooman baby brother came along!

Taz – The Ultimate Doggo Baby

portrait of a white dog on wooden stairs
Source: @tazandbones

Taz has always been a special pup. He has the silliest, most playful soul and he definitely makes everyone laugh! 

His owner, Jessica, is aware that sometimes Taz can be overly clingy, especially when she, her husband, or her mom pays too much attention to Bones.

Whenever grandma pets Bones or starts calling him sweet names, Taz is there to take the matter in his paws! He instantly starts cuddling to get everyone’s attention, as he’s just used to being everyone’s baby!

portrait of two dogs lying by the window
Source: @tazandbones

Or, when Bones is outside playing with his dad, Taz sits by the window or by the door the entire time, waiting for Bones to come inside. But, even though he’s sometimes set in his own ways, Taz’s silly character is hauntingly cute!

Recently, his mom and dad got a baby, and Jessica was a little skeptical about Taz being a big brother. She knew that he’s generally good with people, but she was afraid of his reaction to being “dethroned” as the baby of the family.

Adjusting To The ‘Big Brother Life’ Role

the dog and the baby are lying on the bed
Source: @tazandbones

For the first several days, Taz was a little confused. He needed some time to realize that baby Ethan was a new member of the family. He would always look at him from a short distance, waiting for mom or dad to pay attention to him.

Bones, on the other hand, embraced Ethan immediately! He welcomed the baby boi with paws wide open, as if he was always a part of the family.

But, then it happened! It appears that it only took days for Taz to make peace with the fact that he’s not the only “baby” in their cozy, New York home. 

He soon embraced baby Ethan, too, and started behaving around him as a real big brother! He and Bones would lie next to his crib, protecting him. 

And, whenever they get a chance, they sneak a little kiss on Ethan’s face, showing their baby brother how much they love him!

“Taz and Bones have been adjusting to baby Ethan so well and it makes me sooo happy. They’re honestly probably adjusting better than I am,” Jessica wrote on Instagram.

The Pawesome Trio

two dogs are standing next to a crib with a baby
Source: @tazandbones

As time went by, Taz’s jealousy completely faded away. He embraced life with his two siblings with an open heart, balancing the love for both his baby hooman and Bones.

His owners are so happy to finally see Taz in the role of a big brother. After all the clingines he displayed over the years, it’s so grateful and refreshing to see him evolve into something new – something so positive!

“I know they’re going to be the best of friends once he’s older and can play with them but for now we’ll take all of the sweet, gentle “play” time we can get,” wrote Jessica.

portrait of two hugging dogs
Source: @tazandbones

Even though they’re still “learning on the job,” one thing is for sure – both Taz and Bones will have tons of fun with Ethan once he grows up! 

They’re both now in the “protective” mode, watching Ethan’s every step of the way. But, when the time comes – they will surely embark on many amazing adventures together!

You can keep up with Taz, Bones, and their beautiful family on Instagram and TikTok!