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This Pittie Spent His Life In Chains Until Rescuers From Virginia Came To His Aid

This Pittie Spent His Life In Chains Until Rescuers From Virginia Came To His Aid

All canines deserve having owners who will hold them in their arms and give them all their infinite love. Only dogs who are loved can find joy and happiness in their life.

Sadly, some dog owners neglect and abuse their adorable dogs who just want to have their affection.

Morty, a gentle Pit Bull, knows how it feels to be mistreated and unloved. The pooch wished with all his heart to snuggle with his family in their warm home in North Carolina, but they chained him and kept him outside.

While he was crouching in his kennel, feeling sad and disappointed, little did he know that he would soon find the love he had always dreamed of.

Morty Gets Rescued

Morty’s life began to change when PETA, a non-profit organization, rescued him. 

Later on, the doggo was transferred to Virginia Beach SPCA. When the shelter staff met Morty, they felt saddened to hear his story and learn that he experienced abuse.

They stroked him and gave him some love that he badly needed. The pooch felt relieved to be at the shelter, away from his previous family. Morty was glad to spend time with good humans and feel their affection. 

At the time, Andrea and her husband wanted to welcome a dog into their family.

“We wanted a Pit Bull ‘cause we had heard that they were loving and loyal and we didn’t believe the stigma,” Andrea told GeoBeats Animals.

The couple went to the Virginia shelter. The moment they saw Morty, they felt a strong connection to him. His brown eyes melted their hearts and they knew that he was the pup that they were looking for.

The couple felt heartbroken when they saw the scar on the left side of his neck and when they learned that he was abused.

The Pooch Moves To His Forever Home

After Morty moved in with his forever family, it was clear that he would need some time to adapt to life in a home. The adorable pup jumped a lot and chewed up some things in the house. 

Both Andrea and her husband were extremely patient with Morty. The pooch took training, and after a few months, he adjusted to a new life in his forever home.

Morty loves both his parents, and Andrea feels that the pup is closer to her husband. 

Whenever the pooch sees his dad returning from work, he runs outside to meet him and throws himself in his arms.

Morty loves people, and he enjoys greeting everyone he meets. 

The first thing that people notice about Morty is his big and floppy ears. His mom believes that they are his best feature.

The pup’s parents realized that their doggo dislikes water and rain. They think that Morty’s former family left him outside in the rain.

The Pup’s Parents Feel Lucky To Have Him

The lovely pup is in tune with his parents’ emotions, and he comforts them when they feel sad.

“There are times I get down about discrimination that we face with his breed and one time it just hit me hard one day and I was just sobbing and he got right up in my face. It’s like he just knew that I was really upset and that made it all better,“ Andrea added.

Andrea is thankful that Morty trusted them and showered them with love despite being betrayed by his previous owners.

“He doesn’t know us, but he trusts us and he’s shown us nothing but love. And I’m so grateful that he felt comfortable enough to give us a chance,“ she said.

Morty often posts updates on his Instagram account. He lives his dream life. His parents adore him and give him endless kisses. The delightful pup’s face beams with happiness.