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Adorable Pittie Loves Singing His Favorite Song Every Chance He Gets

Adorable Pittie Loves Singing His Favorite Song Every Chance He Gets

I’m pretty sure that each and every one of us has that one favorite song that we would not get tired of even if we sang it 15 times a day.

Well, Turbo, the pup of today’s story, has a song just like that.

Happy Birthday

black dog standing outside
Source: @turbopitty

Turbo, a beautiful Pit Bull, has one song that he loves with his whole heart, and that song is no other than the Happy Birthday Song.

Even though he found out about it very randomly, it was love at first listen.

“It was 2:30 in the morning and my husband was sound asleep. I was watching TV and it was a gentleman’s birthday on the TV show and they started singing and Turbo woke up from dead sleep to sing happy birthday,” said Holly, Turbo’s mom.

 Ever since, whenever Turbo hears that song, he joins in.

And, no matter how many times the song is sung, he will join in every single time, especially if there are more people involved.

He loves to be in a group. The more people that sing, the louder he sings. It’s very specific to just that song.

black dog standing in a garden
Source: @turbopitty

His family also tried playing other songs to see if he would sing them, but Turbo simply refuses every time.

Whenever he sings his favorite song, everybody around him falls in love with him even more, especially his mom, Holly.

cute black dog standing on a grass
Source: @turbopitty

For me, he is just called one of my boys. He is one of my babies. He is my youngest. Wherever I am, pretty much you will find him.

Turbo surely is part of the family, even appearing in family portraits and being referred to as a brother by Holly’s kids.

Hateful Stereotype

happy black dog in the house
Source: @turbopitty

Even with this adorable trait, as well as his stunning looks, Turbo still has a hard time fitting in.

Since he belongs to one of the most stereotyped dog breeds, making friends isn’t as easy as it might seem.

We live in a family-oriented neighborhood. A lot of our neighbours know us and love us but there are a lot of neighbors when they see us on one side they will cross to the other. We definitely do get that stereotype a hundred percent.

However, neither Holly nor Turbo let that get the best of them. They just throw on a big smile and keep on walking.

black dog on a snow
Source: @turbopitty

This stereotype truly breaks Holly’s heart since she knows that Turbo is very silly and the gentlest guy she knows.

We have friends who bring their dogs over all the time and he is so gentle with them. When he sees little chihuahuas, he hides behind me.

close view of black dog
Source: @turbopitty

Breaking The Stereotype

Unfortunately, many believe Pit Bulls to be a very aggressive breed. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth and Turbo is here to prove it.

As soon as somebody comes across this handsome gentleman and his melodic singing, it becomes clear as day that he is the purest soul around.

happy black dog with mouth open
Source: @turbopitty

My goal is to always make sure that he knows how special he is and how much we love him.

So please, let this pup be a reminder that you should not be prejudiced toward any animal and their breed, as they are so much more than rumors. They have a heart and a soul just like us!