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This Lost Pit Bull Was Missing For 8 Years Before Being Runited With His Owner

This Lost Pit Bull Was Missing For 8 Years Before Being Runited With His Owner

There is no greater pain for the owner and his best furry friend when there is a sudden parting. 

That’s exactly the feeling Betsy DeHaan, a dog owner from Florida, experienced when her beloved Pit Bull, Harley, disappeared while he was walking with her other dogs in the nearby woods.

On that fateful winter many years ago, Harley was still a young pup, but already had to face such a terrible fate. Betsy’s heart was broken, not only because of the thought that she would never see him again, but to think how alone and abandoned her poor pittie felt in those moments.

Nevertheless, for the next eight years, she did not forget her Harley, and drew strength from the hope that she would see him again.

Unexpected Phone Call

black pit bull standing in forest
Source: WUSA9

That fateful 2014, when Harley disappeared, Betsy did everything to somehow find her doggo. She and her family searched and posted missing-pet posters, and they never stopped looking. 

Unfortunately, everything was in vain, and that year remained recorded as the saddest in the lives of Betsy and other family members.

The next few years were no better either because Harley was nowhere in sight. Betsy slowly had to get used to life without him, but she never forgot him. Harley was too deeply etched in her heart.

A few more years passed without Harley and they stopped mentioning him. However, that was until the summer of 2022, when after a long time, they remembered Harley one morning and started commenting on how good a dog he was. Just then, Betsy’s cell phone rang.

close view of pit bull
Source: WUSA9

After she finished the conversation, she was in total shock. Betsy was informed that a person named Angie Bray found a dog whose microchip showed her cell phone number and that the dog is currently at Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

“I’m like, ‘is this a scam?’ Because we were talking about him that morning,” Betsy said in her interview for WUSA9news. “I got the text, and you know how you think Google always picks up on your advertisements? I’m like, ‘this is a scam. This is not real.’”

picture of pit bull on phone
Source: WUSA9

But, when they sent her the picture of the dog, there was no dilemma. Although he had changed a lot after so many years, Betsy knew it was her doggo, Harley

She immediately packed her things and headed to that place.

A Miracle Reunion

old woman holding a dog on a leash
Source: WUSA9

Since Betsy and her family moved to Missouri a few years ago, she had to travel over 600 miles to get to Florida. However, no distance could prevent her from seeing her beloved dog again after so many years.

As she traveled to the place, Betsy could not hide the strong emotions that welled up from the depths of her heart.

Everything culminated when she finally came to the shelter premises and one of the volunteers opened the door of a nearby room, leading the malnourished Pit Bull on a chain.

It was Harley and he didn’t look good at all. But, as soon as he saw Betsy, everything changed – he started wagging his tail uncontrollably and jumped into her arms, showering her with numerous kisses

woman hugging her dog
Source: WUSA9

It was a moment that brought tears to the eyes of everyone present, especially Betsy, who was simply overcome by emotions.

The only thing she managed to say through her tears while petting overjoyed Harley was: “I know, we are going home.”