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Pitbull Saved From Euthanasia Is In Love With The Toy That Looks Just Like Her

Pitbull Saved From Euthanasia Is In Love With The Toy That Looks Just Like Her

Pitties are cuddle bugs – they just need to be given a chance!

Many people don’t see it that way, which is why a plethora of these sturdy bois and girls end up overlooked in shelters, completely let down by the world, and waiting to be euthanized.

Izzie was definitely one of those dogs.

After being brought to the shelter as a stray, this sorrowful pup waited forever to be found by the pawfect family, but she kept being overlooked. 

Then, one day, it finally happened!

From Streets To A Forever Home

Rachel, a huge Pittie lover from California, just lost her fourth dog and was looking for one to love and cuddle. When she got a text from her friend, Julie, the volunteer at Desert Dog Project in Arizona, she couldn’t hide her happiness.

Julie told her about Izzie’s situation (formerly known as Gredill), and Rachel didn’t think twice

“Her shelter name was “Gredill” and she had been in isolation due to a variety of issues from a sinus infection to itchy skin to a horrible ear infection,” Rachel wrote on Instagram.

She asked Julia to adopt her out for her, and the two met halfway through. The rest, as they say, is history!

Just like that, Izzie got a brand-new home, and she no longer had to fear potential euthanasia. The only problem was Izzie likely wasn’t a house dog before, and she was completely frozen when she first arrived at Rachel’s home.

“Gredill is now Isabelle “Izzie” Hathor Vicknair, and she’s slowly getting used to life in an apartment and in Beverly Hills. I’m pretty sure she was not a house dog in her previous life,” added Rachel.

It took her a couple of days to adjust to the fact that she now has a whole house for herself. But eventually, Izzie got there. She just needed a little help!

Gaining Confidence With Her Number-One Favorite Toy

Rachel found the ideal way to make Izzie at home and it turned out to be – a plushie that looked just like her!

Even though she loved all the toys, there was something about that plush cow that made Izzie feel relaxed and safe. Izzie, too, looked like a cow pig due to her beautiful brindle markings and pink ears. And now, she had a twin!

In no time, she became a lot more comfortable and soon transformed into the princess of the house. Izzie was allowed every pillow and every bed, and Rachel made sure to make her every day an adventure.

She rode in the convertible, had delicious pup cups, and embraced life in Beverly Hills, California, in no time! 

The only problem was that Izzie had severe separation anxiety. Every time Rachel left the house, it reminded her of being abandoned, which is why her new mom worked hard to help her overcome that fear.

She mitigated that problem with peanut butter lick mats, bones, and lots of TLC. Eventually, Izzie realized that her mom’s outings without her were just temporary, and she became a lot more confident.

Rachel spends every day reassuring Izzie that she loves her so much just the way she is and that she’s finally safe.

“The one thing I always want her to know and want her to feel, especially when I first got her, is that no matter what kind of dog she is, if she’s gonna be friendly or if she was gonna be aggressive, if she’s annoying, if she has allergy problems, no matter what I signed up for, I’m going to take care of her,” Rachel told Cuddle Buddies.

The two have the most wonderful time together, breaking all the stereotypes about Izzie’s breed wherever they go! Once an overlooked shelter dog, she now has a whole new life and the best mom in the world!